An EXCELLENT response to London’s Muslim Mayor banning bikini clad ad while allowing “Allah is greater” ad

The only way to respond is with the truth. If anyone thinks this is looking for trouble with Islam where there is none they are sorely mistaken. This is a clear and present attempt by the newly minted mayor of London, the first Muslim mayor in the city’s history, to impose his own religious values onto public advertisements.

Considering the utter lack of free speech in Europe it will be interesting to see if Pamela Geller’s latest attempt to shine the light of truth will be snuffed out.

Pamela Gellar is a badass warrior who has a knack for exposing the truth about the “tolerance” of followers of Islam…

After the Muslim mayor banned advertisements on buses and subways ofbikini-clad women, what could be more appropriate (or needed) then our new ad campaign?


We are running on taxis because the sharia-compliant London transit authority refused to run them on buses, even though they are running an Allah is Greater ad campaign:


Anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller announced a new ad campaign that will be kicking off in London on Monday that is sure to get plenty of attention.

The ads will appear on 100 London taxis and will feature quotes from Muhammad.


Geller is behind last year’s “Draw Muhammad’ contest in Garland, Texas, that ended with police killing two armed jihadists trying to storm the building.

And she continues the fight against radical Islam.

If you’re interested in supporting Gellar’s ad campaign you can donate HERE.

h/t 100% Fed Up

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