Bill Clinton Gets Caught On Camera Groping Flight Attendant

While the media would like the world to focus on Donald Trump’s frat boy talk, her strategy backfires.

In the uncovered ABC footage from the 1990’s, Bill Clinton gets caught on camera fondling a flight attendant. He didn’t realize his grope was documented until it was too late.

Though the video happens quickly, you can see Clinton stick his hands between the flight attendant’s legs. Even more quickly, she grabs his arm and moves it off to the side.


Maybe we can get CNN to play this during the upcoming debate?

Bill Clinton’s behavior comes as no surprise to anyone, especially those closest to him.

Check out Bill’s Top 20 Sexual Dalliances.

People will forgive locker room talk of a billionaire playboy, but not the canonized Liberal icon. Bill Clinton skirted the sexual assault and rape issues as president, however his cover has been blown. Sorry Monica!


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