BOMBSHELL: Clinton Campaign Manager Tells FOX News THEY KNEW About WIRETAPS!

The truth leaks out when the Democrats can’t collude.

Hillary’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook must have missed the talking points memo. He  went rogue on FOX News, and his comments have ripped the lid off the can of worms. Mook verified President Trump’s claims of a wiretap; as did Hillary Clinton’s pre-election tweet.

On FOX News, Mook confirmed that the campaign knew wiretaps being used for the campaign. At around 1:17 in the video Mook begins to spill his guts, as it were.

Mook: So, I think it’s important to step back first of all, and remember the facts here. The facts are uh, that Trump aides were caught talking to Russian agents. And they were, they were…those conversations were captured, because uh the intelligence community regularly taps the phone lines of those Russian agents. So, I think it’s important to start there

FOX: So wait a minute…you’re saying there was a wiretap.

Mook: There was a wiretap of Russian agents, and that those Russian agents were communicating with Trump staff. That’s why they were picked up, that’s what the intelligence community {interrupted}

FOX: How do you know that?

Mook: That’s what the intelligence community told us. Uh, that’s what’s been reported very widely. Those are the facts.

Mook stepped in it big time, though he tries to blame the Russians. The obvious question is, “Why would the intelligence community communicate what they learned from the Russians with the Clinton campaign?”

Even if one of our spy agencies were monitoring the Russians, heads would roll if they shared that information with a political campaign.A cover-up has been underway for months, and the Left will not keep a lid on this.

As for Mook, I’d make friends with Attorney General Sessions and ask to be put deep into witness protection.

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