axe attack

Seven people were injured, some seriously, after a mentally ill Muslim attacked commuters with an axe at a German train station.

The attack at a train station in Düsseldorf, Germany, occurred Thursday afternoon, and two police officers and a 13-year-old girl are among the injured. After a brief chase, a suspect was taken into custody. In addition, German police say the suspect is mentally ill and do not believe the attack was a terrorist act. Early reports pointed to several suspects, however, authorities now believe the man acted alone.

The attack adds to some sobering numbers for the country, which has seen unprecedented unvetted entry by Muslim immigrants. Since the start of 2016, over 20 Germans have been killed and over 100 injured in attacks by Muslim radicals. A graphic outlining the attacks in Germany is included below.

Details from the UK Daily Mail.

The suspected culprit, identified as Fatmir H, from Kosovo, has been arrested and German anti-terror police confirmed they are not hunting anyone else.

The 36-year-old ran towards a nearby underground station and jumped from a bridge as he attempted to flee.

But he was arrested after seriously injuring himself in his unsuccessful escape attempt and is now being treated in hospital.

Police said he was in an ‘exceptional mental state’ at the time.

Pictures from Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, the city’s main station, showed one of the victims lying helplessly on the floor as paramedics rushed to their aid.

His victims included three men, a woman and a 13-year-old girl, with the teenager suffering lacerations to her upper arm. Three were seriously injured.

Eyewitnesses to the attack described the violent, bloody scene.

They said: ‘We were standing on the track, waiting for the train. The train came, and suddenly someone jumped out with an axe, hit the people.

‘There was blood everywhere. I have experienced a lot, but I have never experienced it.’

Earlier this evening a terrified passenger said on Twitter that a ‘crazy man’ had attacked people in the stat

Bruno Macedo tweeted: ‘Man with axe chased by police in Dusseldorf. Station closed. I am in the train things look bad #police #terror.’

Mr Macedo added: ‘Stay away from #Dusseldorf train station crazy man with #axe on the lose [sic] .. :(‘

Although police were quick to label the attack was not terrorism related, it likely will not matter to a rattled German population. Because the attacker was a Muslim from the former Yugoslavia, the incident will likely have political ramifications. It will put more pressure on German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, however, who continues to advocate for more unvetted entry by Muslim foreigners.

This graphic by the Daily Mail outlines the German attacks by Muslim radicals since 2016.

axe attack

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