Donald Blasts the Trumpet of We the People: America First!

This article was originally published at Citizen Analyst by John Miranda

The media lies and the government is corrupt. The horn has been sounded and the people have heard it.

That trumpet blast is ‘America First’ and its blower is Donald Trump, powered by the will of We the People.

This indeed has been a presidential election like no other. Everything was set up for Scott Walker or Jeb Bush to fall upon their sword and hand Hillary the election – selected and elected. Do not even think that Rubio and Cruz were ever expected to win. They were both set in play knowing that, if needed, they could be declared ineligible, thus securing Walker or Jeb the GOP nomination.

Then something happened that was not planned long ago on some private island or remote Swiss castle…

Maverick billionaire and patriot, Donald Trump, declared his candidacy and began speaking about things that were never supposed to be discussed.

Our southern border is wide open. Illegal aliens receive housing and medical coverage while our Veterans are dying waiting for help. Our trade deals give us a deficit of $58 billion with Mexico and $505 billion with China.

Those who tried to shut Trump up by silencing his siren fell one by one.

Among the first to go was Walker – unbelievable, at the time, to most ‘in’ on the fixed match. Jeb fell by the wayside too. Two Trojan Horses in Rubio and Cruz remained standing, but they were vanquished as well. Kasich is honestly not worth mentioning.

So now we have a presumptive nominee in Donald Trump, who looks to arrive at the GOP convention hovering just around 1400 delegates earned.

The Establishment elites who have made themselves filthy rich off of our corrupt government, like Mitt Romney and the Bush family, announced they will not attend the GOP convention.

Plans are now being put in place to run a third party candidate who holds true to ‘conservative values’ when, in fact, the accurate description would be ‘Establishment corruption.’

It will be an epic fail. They can put Cruz on the ballot in Texas, Kasich in Ohio, Rubio and/or Jeb in Florida, in November, saying it is being done in an attempt to ‘keep any candidate from reaching the 270 electoral votes,’ so that a vote in the House of Representatives will be used to select the president. It will be an epic fail.

It will fail because, for this plan to succeed, the voting public has to be sold upon the fact that there is no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I doubt Hillary Clinton will agree to more than a single debate with Trump, but one is all that will be needed. Over 100 million will watch it live. Guaranteed. Trump will destroy her, and their differences will be both clear and abundant.

If the plan for third party candidates goes forward, Trump will sound off that a vote for one of them is a vote for Hillary.

Donald Trump will be our next President. America and her citizens first; followed by an end to corruption in Washington D.C. and prosecution of those who have been corrupt.

– John Miranda | U.S. Navy Veteran and Political Analyst

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