Here’s A Full List Of Every NFL Player Who’s Protested The National Anthem So Far – Is Your Team On Here?

national anthem protest

Over the past several decades, we’ve seen anti-American sentiment grow, but unfortunately it seems to be at a mainstream level now. Even sports celebrities have begun to express this vile sentiment by protesting the national anthem.

It started off with Colin Kaepernick, who became the poster boy for this activity, but it’s since grown into a full blown movement. Silence is Consent, with the help of Sports Illustrated, Conservative Fighters, and other sources, has compiled a full list of those who have participated in a national anthem protest thus far. This includes preseason and regular season games, both this season and last.

  • San Francisco Forty Niners: Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and 10 other teammates
  • Cleveland Browns: Jabrill Peppers, Seth DeValve, Jamie Collins, Christian Kirksey, Isaiah Crowell, Duke Johnson, Terrance Magee, Kenny Britt, Ricardo Louis, Calvin Pryor, DeShone Kizer, Shon Coleman, Britton Colquitt, Jason McCourty and Marcus Martin
  • Oakland Raiders: Marshawn Lynch
  • Seattle Seahawks: Michael Bennett, Justin Britt, and Cliff Avril
  • Denver Broncos: Brandon Marshall
  • Miami Dolphins: Kenny Stills, Michael Thomas, Arian Foster, and Jelani Jenkins
  • Green Bay Packers: Martellus Bennet
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Marcus Peters
  • New England Patriots: Devin McCourty
  • Los Angeles Rams: Robert Quinn
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, and Rodney McLeod

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill also called President Trump a “white supremacist” and will face no punishment. The anti-American sentiment in this country has reached an all time high in this country, and has created a massive polarization between the left and the right.

Thankfully, there is one football team that changed course after being called out. The Cleveland Browns stopped their protests, especially after Browns Hall of Famer (and civil rights activist) Jim Brown stunned everyone by denouncing the protests, and demanding the players honor America, the anthem, and the flag. The previous protests by some Browns players led Cleveland police and other first responders to refuse to participate in pregame ceremonies. The Browns, however, are making steps to make things right.

Silence is Consent previously reported that during the national anthem on opening weekend, the team locked arms with retired EMT’s, fire fighters, and police officers of all colors and creeds, signifying that America needs to unite in order to face the challenges we’re up against.

Millions of men died to give us the freedoms and rights that we enjoy, and the national anthem, along with the flag, are symbols which directly reflect this. No, the American flag isn’t “just a flag,” as Obama said—it’s a representation of all the men and women who sacrificed their lives to defend this great country.

Thankfully, this is the type of behavior that we expect from our athletes, and the Cleveland Browns delivered. Every single man, woman, and child watching this should be proud, and should voice their support for this team—even if you’d never thought twice about them before.

It’s time for us to start boycotting any and all teams that permit their players to protest the national anthem. Men and women have died for that song, as it represents the freedoms of this great, great nation. Anyone who has the nerve to protest such a pure symbol of liberty is not an American at heart. Period.

While this list is by no means definitive, we will be updating it each week as new information comes out. If we missed anyone who participated in a national anthem protest, please let us know! Be sure to bookmark, share, and like our Facebook page for more!

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