Message From Illegal Immigrants Kids: President Trump you’re BIG BULLY

“I want to tell Mr. Trump that he is a bully, and no matter how mean he is, and no matter how hard he tries, he will never break our spirit,” Leah said. “We are not afraid of you.”

That was a quote from 12 year old Luna at a protest outside the White House just yesterday.

American children whose parents are undocumented immigrants brought a heartrending plea to the White House and President Donald Trump on Thursday: Don’t make us orphans in our own country.

The liberal media loves playing on the heart strings on their readers and the American people, but they purposely do not tell you the real cost of illegal immigration.

In 2013 under the Obama Administration they released over 200,000 CONVICTED criminal illegal aliens back into the United States of America. These people were guilty of committing murder, rape, assault, kidnapping, just to name a few.

A couple years ago in North Carolina ALONE 1200 illegal aliens were on trial for over 5000 counts of rape against children. In march of 2015 the department of homeland security issued new procedure documents to the boarder patrol in Arizona. Its entitled: What to do with illegal aliens caught driving under the influence: Option 3-release them, let them to go on their way. Why? It prevents the least amount of risk to the boarder patrol agents for a lawsuit. Tell that to the parents of 3 year old Zane Thurber who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driving. Unbelievable.

You can not measure the cost of illegal immigration by dollars and cents, you have to measure it by the rule of law. When you break the law it is a breach of the peace we have tried to work so hard to create and enjoy. When the law is broken, people suffer, and when it is tolerated, people lose respect for the law. Thats why you see the left hyperventilating over Trump enforcing the law. Suddenly he’s a bad guy for simply following the laws that are already in place. He is not making these new laws up to be a “bully”.

When you say its okay to break the law to certain groups of people, you are tearing at the very fabric that makes our country so special: that we are a constitutional republic.

So we got “change” alright from Obama but unfortunately people didn’t bother to ask what kind of change he was talking about.

I want to make myself VERY clear. The issue is not against a certain race. The issue is not that individuals are against people immigrating here to have a better life. The issue is with people coming in and breaking the law. What about us? What about Americans? What about my child who dreams as well? What about every parent who has lost a child due to illegal aliens committing crimes? This should be a no brainer, but the left wants to spin enforcing the law as being a “bully”.

Trump has already said he is going to protect the “dreamers” here in the U.S. and if their parents and families genuinely want to be Americans and contribute to our society that is fantastic, but become legal. Follow our laws, do what you can to become a member of our society LEGALLY.

Please watch this short video of immigration expert Dennis Michael Lynch interviewing Illegals and how they DO NOT wish to stay in america for a “Better Life”

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on Illegal Immigrants being “bullied” to follow our laws?


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