ISLAM EXPOSED: Multiple arrests in ‘LONE WOLF’ London terror attack?

London terror attack

While London held vigils for the victims of the recent terror attacks by a Muslim extremists, the mainstream media holds on to the “lone wolf” theory.

The media continues to promote the “lone wolf” story even while Britain’s own BBC reports A 58-year-old man remains in custody while a 39 year old woman is out on bail. Others have been interviewed and thus far released.

Three lone wolves?

Khalid Masood was killed during his attack that left three others dead, including an unarmed police office. At least fifty other people were injured, including an American. Most injuries are considered serious.

Many of these people’s lives will never be the same.

Situations like this call for a strong leader. One who understands his or her people.

What was the London Mayor’s response.

Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a speech regarding the attacks. It included all the usual buzz words one would expect at such a tragedy.

He asked for solidarity, unity, and so on. Stated that London will not cower to terrorists. And of course the usual, London will remain “open.”

Khan also said in earlier interviews his belief that tragedies like the London terror attack are “part and parcel of living in a big city” while encouraging vigilance while in London.

The mayors logic is essentially this can happen anywhere so people living in a major city “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things” to happen.

Part and parcel of living in a city. You know, like traffic jam, expensive tiny apartments, and long lines at the local overpriced coffee shop. . .

Khan’s solution is be prepared.

I am not sure how to prepare my children to avoid a 2,000 pound vehicle unexpectedly barreling towards them at 100 m.p.h.

Be prepared? That’s like saying be prepared for lung cancer while a person keep smoking two packs a day.

What about prevention?

There are things that can be done. Step up surveillance on suspected radicals, infiltrate mosques to identify radical Imans. And Finally, avoid importing more radicals until London has an effective program to protect it’s citizens.

Khan’s real message.

Khan’s message is be prepared, pretend the attacker was a lone wolf, and give lip service to real victims. That is the real message. Solidarity, willful ignorance, and preparedness will most certainly ease the pain of the surviving victims and families.

I wonder if will work for all the future victims as well.

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