Leftist Media’s New B.S. Narrative: Trump Admin is “NOT TRANSPARENT”

President Donald Trump has been very transparent with the media and the American people, but as usual, the media chooses to ignore his efforts with more lies and propaganda.

The liberal media has been hyperventilating as of late due to the Presidents decision to keep White House visitor logs private. The liberal media claims this is just one other thing that proves Donald Trump has something to hide.

A statement released by White House communications director Mike Dubke cited the reason for not disclosing the records to be “the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.”

Several media outlets lashed out including ACLU Director Faiz Shakir stating:

The only reasonable conclusion is to believe the Trump administration has many things it is trying to hide.

Three organizations have reportedly taken legal action against the Trump administration this week and have demanded that all visitor logs be released.

Sean Spicer addressed these claims yesterday stating:

“We’re following the law as both the Presidential Records Act and the Federal Records Act prescribe it. It’s the same policy that every administration had up until the Obama administration. The faux attempt that the Obama administration put out where they would scrub who they didn’t want [to be] put out didn’t serve anyone well.”

While the media chooses to view this as another reason Trump and his team are not being transparent, what about all the other transparent acts the president has done to stay intimate with the American people and the media? What about when the then president elect held a press conference and publicly signed over his businesses to the new people taking over on live tv? In addition to Trump speaking, he brought his lawyers who also spoke to shed light on the process while we all who were watching saw the paperwork stacked high next to him.

President Trump publicly displayed keeping a promise he made by giving away his first three months pay as President away to the National Park Service. While he was deciding on where to give it, he asked the media to give him suggestions.

So far in the presidency Trump has made announcements as to why he chose to make certain decisions, like bombing Afghanistan or choosing to go after Syria via his twitter. He has also used his twitter to keep the American public informed on issues the media wont cover, like how illegal immigration is down the first three months of trump taking office, or how more Americans are employed and enjoying new jobs that are booming left and right. He also has used his twitter to let us know of all the world leaders he has hosted, the deals being made, and the progress being done across the world.

The Trump administration has been so transparent the American public is privy to information that is usually kept secret. In fact, everyday the current administration continues to shed light on the former administration and the secrets they kept. This includes the defeated military, Trump surveillance, and 500 billion fraud found in HUD audit, to name a few.

We want to hear from you. What do you think about Mainstream medias claims about the Trump administration not being transparent with you, the American people?

H/T Gateway Pundit



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