[VIDEO] Liberal thinks it’s “incredibly dangerous and very wrong” to say Islam doesn’t share Western values = Facepalm


Bill Maher is a liberal, but he’s a broken clock liberal who is permanently set to radical-islam o’ clock.

This is the one thing he has been consistently right about, and at odds with his lefty comrades since the outset of the war on terrorism (which seems to be in year 7 of an 8 year hiatus, hopefully)

The clueless dingbat on the panel is Chrystia Freeland, a member of Canada’s parliament. The focus of the conversation is on the fringe, which as Bill points out can be as sizable as 18% in “moderate” Indonesia for approval of honor killings (which begs the question of what is the threshold for something graduating from a fringe belief) is THE existential threat to civilization as we know it.

Freeland, with her look of disdain mixed with idiocy, kept making her eyes bigger than her stomach…so to speak, by insisting Bill was mischaracterizing an entire religion, something the conservative on the panel Ben Domenech (who couldn’t hide his look incredulity at her moronic statements) wasn’t even doing. Of course, that must be her tactic because the truth simply isn’t on her side.

The absolute best part comes at around the 5:00 mark when Maher says he’s not saying all Muslims are bad, but that their ideas need to change. Freeland’s retort…

Are you saying their ideas are bad?”

…is something I see all to often with liberals who think they delivered a body blow. There are only three ingredients to such a retort. 1. Say something totally idiotic that can be destroyed in one sentence. 2. Give a smug “I gotcha” look after delivery. (and she did) 3. Wait for well-deserved takedown.

Maher didn’t disappoint…

Uh, killing women for being raped, I would say is a bad idea.

The scene in “Return of the Jedi” where Luke Skywalker insists he still senses good in Darth Vader could serve as a metaphor for the enthusiastic applause Maher received for that. However, that feeling would only last until they changed the subject to something else, anything else…but hey, humanity should take what it can get from the left.

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