Muslim Care Taker Caught on Hidden Camera Beating Dementia Patient

 A Muslim care giver was caught on a secret cam beating her elderly patient. She was seen slamming her 77-year-old dementia patient’s head against a chair. Betty Boylan’s relatives hid the cam inside a television after they found unexplained bruising on the retired nurse’s body. They became suspicious when they visited her at $1253.30 a month at the Perry Locks Care Home in Birmingham. In short order, within days of planting the camera, they saw the disturbing footage of care giver Bina Begum, 49, lifting the great-grandmother by her head and throwing her back into her chair.

The force with which Begum’s attacked this poor elderly woman was so hard her chair was seen rocking backwards before her head slumped to the side.  Mrs. Boylan’s relatives went to the police after recording the footage of the attack. I can’t see how anyone would hire a woman wearing a hijab or a burka. With what we know of their violent nature, how can anyone believe this woman would have compassion or the ability to care for a stranger? They don’t care for each other. The Muslim care taker Begum, was arrested and admitted mistreating and neglecting Betty in court this week.

But she was spared jail although she did get a 12-month community service order.  She was also fined 40 hours of unpaid work (community service) and fined $338.39 dollars. Speaking after Begum was sentenced; Betty’s relatives hit out at the sentence and said she should have been jailed. Her Son-in-law Nigel Jarvis, 56, said:

‘We brought up the bruises and managers dismissed us and gave no explanation. So I bought the camera and hid it in a gutted TV. Within four days we had the footage of Begum slamming her head into the chair. I felt sick as a dog when I saw that. We went straight down there and called the police. The sentence was a disgrace. She should have gone to prison. That would have send a message to other cares givers who treat people like this. I am disgusted by what she did. But I also feel sorry for her because she has to live with it for the rest of her life.’ 

The family got footage which they say shows another care giver wearing a hijab; spraying deodorant or hair spray in Betty’s face and joking it is ‘better than poo’ when a colleague said it went in her mouth.’

Granddaughter Lisa Thompson added: ‘Subconsciously we knew something wasn’t something right because we kept finding the bruises. But to actually visually see it in black-and-white in front of you, it’s heartbreaking.’

Bupa Care Services the employers of the Muslim care giver said

‘ the actions of these individuals are unacceptable’. The Director of Quality Vivienne Birch confirmed the care givers were ‘immediately removed’ from the home and they had since been formally dismissed. She added: ‘We were shocked and saddened by the footage. We’re deeply sorry this happened and the distress it has caused Mrs Boylan’s family. ‘We’re proud of the care our staff provide and do not tolerate behavior like this at any of our homes.’

Nazia Jan, the Public Defender, said Begum was ‘very, very remorseful’. She added:

‘It’s cost her chosen career. This act was completely out of character, blemished her good character and caused her unquantifiable distress.’

Yeah, I bet she’s sorry it cost “her chosen career” I’m sure she thought she was going to get away with beating on an elderly patient. These sadistic people can never be care givers. I would never hire one. What’s your opinion about this Muslim woman beating her elderly patient? Love to hear your comments.


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