Muslim Forces Women Into Lesbian Sex, What He Does To Toddler Is Beyond SICK

A Muslim man forced two friends to strip naked and then told them to have sex while he pretended to film them. Mohamed Zahran, 38, surprised the two women when he showed up at their home and started making demands at knife point. However, even sicker yet is what this pervert did to a toddler at the scene, turning the house into a bloodbath in a matter of minutes.

The two women had to give their account in court about Mohamed Zahran’s crime, which involved not only making the women simulate lesbian sex, but one of the women testified that he also made her toddler watch the whole thing.

composite_14652448873588-600x315Mohamed Zahran, 38, sexually assaulted and stabbed two women in the UK.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Zahran, a chef at a local restaurant in County Durham in the United Kingdom, told the women he was going to join in. When the women refused his demand and started to scream, he took his knife and began stabbing them repeatedly while the toddler watched.

Luckily, the mother of the toddler told the child it was all a game, hoping that the crazed Egyptian-born Muslim would leave the child alone. While he stabbed the mother in the abdomen over and over, the other woman took her chances and ran.

She ran naked into the street, screaming, waving her bloodied hands, and knocking on doors to get help. The woman said in court, “My mind was only on one thing — to get out of this house and phone the police. He told me he had a gun, that he had bought a gun, and that there was going to be a bullet for the head of anyone I cared about. I will never forget the look of satisfaction on his face as he enjoyed inflicting fear and pain on me.”

Police were called and burst in the house to find Zahran had stabbed himself in the stomach, a cowardly ploy after he realized the police would be on their way. The two women are staying anonymous due to the nature of the assault.

Now, the justice system is enraging people everywhere. The court only gave his monster 16 years, and his attorney said the jury should have mercy on him because ” Zahran had worked hard during his 14 years in the UK and was terrified that he was likely to be deported on release from prison.”

That is the pathetic excuse for giving this sexual predator a sentence of only 16 years. This is what happens when you allow herds of Muslim migrants into your country and leftist scumbags are in charge of the government. With good behavior, I’m sure they will let this guy out in 10 years, and I bet he stays in the U.K. to offend again. It’s a sick world made sicker by those idiots on the left. God help us if they stay in charge in America.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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