Muslims LAUGH At London Terror Attacks: “God Curse the Infidels!”

London Terror muslims laugh

Paul Joseph Watson recently did a phenomenal piece on the truth behind the London Terror attacks.

As usual, the Left is jumping to defend Islam and is claiming that this attack is not representative of Islam as a whole. This is interesting, seeing that there’s a terrorist attack committed by a Muslim every god damn week at this point, but let’s investigate further.

In the video, at the 1:05 mark, Paul Joseph Watson shows a screenshot of a live chat, with over 1,000 Muslims LAUGHING and “liking,” the feed of the terrorist attacks. In the comments section, you can see something that roughly translates to: “God curse the infidels.”‘

Oh, but of course, #NotAllMuslims, right guys? It’s not like this is a pattern, and even the less extreme Muslims seem to support this type of thing?

Think again. More and more people are starting to wake up. Take a look at some of the following tweets. Keep in mind this is on TWITTER, which is known for banning “Islamophobia,” AKA truth about Islam:

If a liberal says we need to address islamaphobia after today’s attack in London.

Agree with them; we should be more afraid of Islam.

Uh oh, it seems like the sheep are starting to wake up…and if we want to stop this madness before it gets to the USA, we need to get the word out there.

Thank you for every share and like that you guys give us! Remember that your silence is CONSENT for this to happen!

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