JUST IN: Netherlands Entering New Nationalist Era- ‘Islam Will Destroy Our Nation’

This just in—Geert Wilders, an election candidate for the Netherlands, has said that ‘Political Correctness and Islam will destroy our nation.’

Wilders is a far-right politician, who is the founder of the Party for Freedom. He is also leader of the Christian Union, and lambasted his opponents for their inability to stand up for Christians. In a Scandinavia where Sweden is being raped (quite literally) by Muslim Refugees, this gives me hope.

The debates took place last night, before the final election (taking place today):

Geert could potentially lead the Netherlands into a NEXIT, as many of his followers hope. He has been very vocal against the European Union, Islam, and Globalism, and rightfully so. He opened the debate with the following comment last night:

“A country can be in an economic crisis, that’s an important topic, but with good national and international policy you can solve that problem. But this is an existential problem. This is the survival of the Netherlands… The future of our country and western civilization is at stake, so I therefore chose to put this statement on the agenda.”

From then on, he really hammered home on the idea that political correctness and openness to Islam will literally be the end of the Netherlands, as we’ve already seen in Sweden.

Some view his comments as inflammatory and racist, others view them as reasonable and, in fact, patriotic. Me? I think he’s the Netherlands’ version of Donald Trump, but I’ll let you decide for yourself based off of his speech last night:

“Islam and democracy cannot coexist. And you can see that in, literally, every country in which Islam is dominant. We can see a total lack of freedom, you can see widespread violence and oppression, whether you are a Christian or Jew or whether you are an apostate or a critical journalist.”

“So I think that if we will defend ourselves and deal with Islam that we will not make our constitutional state and our democracy weaker, but stronger. And we need courage to do that, we will have to break the mould.”

“I don’t mean all people who support Islam, but Islam itself plays by different rules than we do. It doesn’t play by our rules, so if we play by our rules and Islam doesn’t do that then this means that at the end of the day, we will lose everything that we stand for.”

Be sure to stay tuned for the election results. If Wilders wins, this could literally be the end of the globalist NWO agenda as we know it.

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