OUTRAGE after San Diego schools promote Islam, create ‘safe spaces’ for MUSLIMS ONLY

San Diego schools

It seems the “separation of church and state” liberals love to invoke in schools only applies to Christians. If you’re Muslim, however, taxpayer dollars will be used to actually promote your religion to students. San Diego public schools are proof of that.

It seems San Diego schools have a twisted sense of priorities. Rather than worrying about graduation rates, college readiness, or hiring quality teachers, they think their biggest problem is Islamophobia.

According to a report by The San Diego Union Tribune, the local school system has a plan for Islamophobia. It hopes to whip into shape all Christians and other infidels who do not embrace Islam.

More from the Union Tribune.

San Diego Unified School District trustees have approved a plan to fight Islamophobia and bullying against Muslim students. Concerns about discrimination against Muslims have been expressed on many campuses this year.

San Diego Unified School District administrators and teachers will have calendars showing Islamic holidays, students will learn more about the religion in social studies classes and safe places will be created on campuses for Muslim students as part of a multi-tiered approach to combat Islamophobia.

Stan Anjan, executive director of Family and Community Engagement at the district, said elements of the plan will be laid out before the end of the school year with a goal of having it in place at the start of the fall semester.

“It’s more of a comprehensive program, not just a curriculum,” he said. “We’re looking at it from a very integrated and holistic approach.”

One of the first steps in the plan will be to distribute letters to staff members and parents addressing Islamophobia and identifying resources to learn about the religion and fight discrimination. District calendars will be reviewed to ensure Islam holidays are recognized, which Anjan said is important so schools will schedule campus events that also can be attended by Muslim families.

Schools also will review and vet materials related to Muslim culture and history in media centers and provide resources and material for teachers.

Anjan said social studies lessons may include more information on prominent Muslims and their impact on history and other steps to promote a more positive image of Islam.

Muslim ‘bullying’ to get special focus

San Diego schools will also act as PC police. They plan a sort of indoctrination of students who are accused of “bullying” Muslim students.

The plan also calls for a different approach in disciplining students who bully Muslim students. Rather than detention, the school will use a restorative justice method involving the student who did the bullying speaking with the other student to restore their relationship.

Community groups, parents, stake-holders and others outside the district also will be involved in the plan, Anjan said.

CAIR behind the plan

Amazingly, the plan is the brainchild of an organization sympathetic to radical Islam: CAIR, the Council of American-Islamic Relations. Some even portray CAIR as a hate group, but in San Diego, they will help craft how San Diego’s children see Islam.

The roots of the plan date to November 2015, with the school board recognized the educational work of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, the largest American Muslim civil rights advocacy group in the country.

A report released by CAIR that year found 55 percent of American Muslim students surveyed in California said they were bullied because on their religion, which was twice as high as the national statistic of students reporting being bullied at school.

Last July, the board directed the district staff to work with CAIR in developing a plan to address the issue.

The district doesn’t have data on how many students are Muslim, but Anjan’s report to the board Tuesday included a breakdown of incidents of bullying for various reasons from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2016.

The report showed seven bullying incidents because of religion, although it did not specify the faith. There were 36 reports were bullying because of race, the largest category, followed by 21 for sex, 11 for LGBTQ identity and seven for disabilities.

It seems the infidels in charge of San Diego schools are trying way too hard to be liked. Even their own research shows that Islamophobia is not the most pressing disciplinary matter. You are more likely to be bullied for being black, or being a girl, than you are for being Muslim.

H/T: Pamela Geller

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