Pastor accused of hate speech for telling the truth about Islam (VIDEO)

Pastor accused of hate speech

A Stockton pastor is being accused of hate speech after a snowflake liberal took offense over his comments on Islam.

With social media, snowflakes now have more access than ever to obtaining their ever-elusive 15 minutes of fame. Nothing helps that happen more than getting the media to report on a pastor accused of hate speech.

Budding delicate snowflake, Evangelina Solano Rosas, a visitor at the Christian Life Center in Stockton, CA was concerned about the Pastor’s sermon, so she took a short video of parts of Pastor Nathaniel Haney’s sermon. The pastor allegedly was spewing hate speech towards Muslims.

Conveniently, Rosas only had small portions of video available. All the easier to sensationalize and take out of context.

When the pastor started talking about Muslims, let’s face it, he was already on thin ice.

He referred to a “Muslim problem” and “I know some people believe what I’m saying but you’re scared to speak up because you don’t want get blown up or be exiled.”

Well, he was right about the afraid and exiled parts. However, snowflake Rosas was offended. She promptly began a social media campaign that attracted the salivating liberal media frenzy. After all, who can miss an opportunity to suppress religion? Do people think this is America or something?

Media outlets quickly labeled the sermon “hate speech.” Here is video of a Sacramento station’s news coverage of the incident doing just that.

Hate speech is defined by Wikipedia as “speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation.”

America, is calling a group a “problem” hatred?

“I felt really prompted to share this video because for one reason I didn’t want his words to go unnoticed. What if he incited someone who was listening to that speech?” said Rosas.

Incited to do what? Call Islam a “problem” or “dark?”

Church members have stated the comments were taken out of context.

Rosas’ reason for publicly denouncing a pastor and his church, for getting social justice warriors to attack the same, is that she has Muslim friends. Therefore, her public attack is justified.

Wait, doesn’t that meet the definition of hate speech?

Every time someone does not like what is said, a snowflake posts it on social media. The mainstream media jumps on the bandwagon, and poof, a snowflake has 15 minutes of fame.

Well snowflakes, hatred is a powerful emotion. Trivializing everyone who may disagree with you as spewing hate speech only serves to mute real cases.

It is a disservice to the human race. It is a disservice to yourself. People have the right to disagree with you. Learn to develop effective counter-arguments and attempt to make a change in a productive way. Public humiliation and inciting others against the person or group you disagree with, well, that’s hate speech princess.

What do you think of the pastor accused of hate speech over his comments on Islam? Let us know in the comments!

H/T: Christian Daily

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