RUDE Muslim Woman Caught Buying Soda With Food Stamps To RE-SELL IN HER STORE

This rude, foul-mouthed woman was caught more than once buying groceries and including soda with FOOD STAMPS to re-sell in her gas station when this man confronted her. He’s is an attorney for the State of New York in which she lives and decided to expose her for her fraudulent, illegal use of welfare funds.

This is just one case, can you imagine the massive scale on which this may be happening across the USA? It’s time for these frauds to come to and END. You are paying for this woman’s free ride along with many others that cheat the system.

Hillary Clinton had vowed to increase the importation of ‘refugees’ over Obama’s plan which was up 550%. This stops under Donald Trump.

Are you sick of yet? Are you tired of paying for scams like this? I certainly am.


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