Judges ruling against voter ID laws are the true racists

voter ID laws

On Monday, a federal judge in Texas ruled again that voter ID laws are discriminatory. The liberal media argues that voter ID laws are discriminatory because it keeps minorities, young adults, and the elderly from voting.

The long standing notion that makes this subject so controversial is that voter ID laws are racist, discriminatory, and limits votes from the elderly, poor, and minorities. Back in 2011, the majority-Republican legislature in Texas passed one of the toughest voter ID laws in America, requiring voters to show a driver’s license, passport or other government-issued photo ID before being allowed to cast a ballot. Obama’s Justice Department sued the state and blocked the law in 2013. A ruling in a 2016 federal appeals court case found that the law discriminated against minorities without IDs and that the legislation needed to be relaxed.

Some statistics I found claim that 11% of the U.S. population do not have ID. This begs the question: why cant they get ID? The claim is a lot of these people do not have drivers licenses, which obviously prevents them from driving to the DMV. In addition, the DMV is not easily accessible in poor areas.

The problem with this argument is that logic does not hold up in reality. You have to get an ID to function in American society. It is necessary for holding a paying job, having a checking account or credit card, boarding an airplane, staying in a hotel, entering many office buildings, and registering your kids in school.

Another study says that people that don’t have a ID are not people who usually vote anyway, and rarely ever participate in elections. It concludes that voter ID laws do not affect the outcome as dramatically as some claim. You can click here to read the study that debunked the claims that minorities and other racial groups are dramatically affected by voter I.D laws.

Voter Fraud

Some people use the issue of voter fraud to defend voter ID laws, but the liberal media shoots that down, saying voter fraud is practically non-existent.  They say it is not a real threat. I scratch my head at this and think, if this is true, how do we know if it’s true if we are not requiring ID? How is it even documented or tracked if no ID is required?

While I agree that voting is a right that should be protected in our country, I would encourage anyone to speak up and exercise their right to voice their opinions no matter what ethnicity they are. Voting ID laws should be required. I ask you to think about this critically. It sounds as though the liberal media is standing up for these minority groups and people less fortunate. But I ask you, which is more racist or discriminatory: saying it’s discriminatory to require ID, or saying that minorities and the less fortunate cannot figure out how to get an ID?  Saying someone is incapable of getting an ID is more discriminatory, in my opinion, than opposing the law.

If any illegal alien is greeted with voter registration forms, social security cards, and IDs with practically no effort at all, legal American citizens should be able to do the same. And if you don’t care to put forth the little effort, then you simply cannot function in American society. The law isn’t taking away your “right’ to vote. It simply says you have access to all of these “rights” being a citizen, but you must do your part to participate. Plain and simple. Let’s not over-complicate this issue, please.

Below is a video of a man asking “minorities” what they think of voter ID laws, courtesy of MRCTV:

We want to hear from you. What do you think about Judges, and the liberal media claiming minorities can not get I.D’s to vote?

Source: http://www.vox.com/identities/2017/3/15/14909764/study-voter-id-racism

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