Thanks Obama! Military readiness at an all-time low as we face the brink of war (VIDEO)

military readiness

According to a report by Dennis Michael Lynch (included below), only 1/3 of the U.S. military is ready for war, at a time when foreign relations are tense.

The specifics of this report are highly disturbing. Here are a few things you need to know if, God forbid, foreign relations worsen and war brews. The goal of our military is to be able to be strong enough to fight two wars at the same time. In military language, these conflicts are referred to as MRCs (major regional conflicts).

Retired General Bob Dees was asked if Obama had put us in harms way with the shrinking of our military. He was also asked if we still have the ability to fight two wars. He had this to say:

Now that the Obama Administration has had their impact, they actually went away with the two MRC strategy…over time they reduced our defense. If we were to fight today in two major regional conflicts, frankly, I think we would have a tough time. I think we are at great risk.

To further clarify what this actually means, Scarlet Fahkar from DML Daily did some research into the issue. She found a report by the Heritage Foundation dated 2017, showing the Obama Administration in 2012 argued changing the need for our two-MRC strategy. In terms of military readiness, the Army is ranked as weak. The Marines, Air Force, Navy, and even our nuclear abilities are ranked as a marginal.

In the case of the Army, they reported they are only 1/3 prepared to act if a war were to happen. The Air Force is facing a shortage of 700 pilots, with their planes in desperate need of repair. The report stated that in some cases, they are using outdated parts to repair mandatory fixes! The Marines only have 2/3 of the units it actually needs to do its job correctly. Compared to other countries, our nuclear abilities are simply old.

President Donald Trump is seeking $54 billion to give our military a serious makeover, and now, you can see why.

To pile on the humiliation even more, Harlan Hill from DML Daily, did some digging and found just how little our men and women of service get paid compared to other government-employed jobs. Harlan states:

The average salary at the EPA is 82,000, average salary at the department if interior is 61,000, average pay for a legislative assistant working for someone in congress is 47,000, average pay for a member of congress is 174,000. The average total compensation of federal employees across the board is 124,000 a year. The average compensation of our men and women in the military is earning a measly 29,000 a year. This is disgusting.

Our brave men and women are doing the toughest job going overseas, leaving their family and friends, and putting their lives on the line every day to protect the American people. This is the thanks they get. We have people living in the U.S. who are not even legal citizens getting more pay then our military. This used to be a job looked upon with respect, courage, and strength. Thank God for Trump’s dedication to our military and commitment to protecting you and I and our families.

Below is a video of the full report:

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