The End Is Near – Hillary’s Time Has Come

Originally published by John Miranda at Citizen Analyst

The writing is on the wall.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Andrea Mitchell, and CNN’s Carl Bernstein, have thrown Hillary Clinton under the bus.

The liberal left establishment now accepts the fact that she is hopeless in a general election against Donald Trump.

Between Benghazi, her email scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal, the women who have accused her husband of rape and the Clinton body count – Trump has so much ammunition one would almost call it an unfair fight, if not for the lives that the Clintons have destroyed.

Couple all this with the fact that Sanders looks to capture the biggest Democratic prize on the map in the California primary, and Clinton’s candidacy can only be described as having ‘one foot in the grave’ now. But will she bow out? Will she finally be charged by Loretta Lynch? Something has to happen and it indeed needs to happen prior to the California primary.

The Clinton campaign was able to muscle the Huffington Post into taking down a devastating story this week, but the article still got out.

HuffPo: Hillary Clinton to Be Indicted On Federal Racketeering Charges

Clinton’s grip upon the press is weakening, and without them acting as the praetorian guard, her presidential campaign is non-existent. Her true public support crumbles to under 10% without mainstream media telling us 24/7 that she is ‘our’ choice.

I still find doubtful that Lynch would charge Clinton. Obama knows that Clinton flips on him if she is charged.

Behind the scenes, Hillary is now being told it is over. Look for an announcement that her health – or Bill’s – are degrading, and that she will be forced to withdraw from the race.

As for the Democratic nomination, it is difficult to conceive that the DNC establishment will jump in line behind Bernie. With Sanders being an open advocate of socialism, Trump only needs to mention Venezuela at any debate with Sanders, and that well-hidden crisis gets opened like a can of worms.

Look for a contested Democratic convention, and Crazy Uncle Joe Biden to be thrown into the mix.

Trump vs. Biden is the election we will be given in November.

– John Miranda, Navy veteran and freelance journalist

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