Trump’s First Transition Update: The First 100 Days

In a message that certainly resonates with the people who elected Donald Trump, he lays out his strategy for the first 100 days in office.

As you watch the video, just consider what a difference leadership makes.

Despite what the press tries to convey, Trump’s transition has progressed nicely. It’s apparent that Trump realizes now that he occupies the Oval Office.

And like a good chief excutive officer, he’s laid out the vision and the mission: Make America great again.

From a marketing perspective, reinforcing the message undoes what the Liberals tried to destroy during the campaign. Recall many Leftists saying things like, “America was never great to begin with.” Or how about “America is still great!”

Well, the unfortunate truth is some American citizens, Conservatives remain the greatest citizens in the world. However America lost its luster under Liberals.

President -Elect Trump said in his message that “Putting America first” will be his guiding principle.

Whether producing cars or steel or curing disease, America should strive to be the best. Under Obama, America lost its way. We specialized in bureaucracy, and not actually producing things.

President-Elect Trump gave a very achievable list of what he termed “executive actions.” He delineated them as follows:

Trade: America will withdraw from TPP. Why should we be part of the new world order deal, when the largest economy in the world can negotiate for ourselves. He went on to say that America will enter into fair bilateral trade deals. In other words, we will negotiate with each country, on a per country basis. Given the size of our economy, why wouldn’t we chart this course.

If you think his first policy issue distanced himself from Obama, wait until you hear about Energy.

President-Elect Trump said he will cancel job-killing restrictions in the way of energy. Say bye-bye (thankfully!) to Cap and Trade. Finally America will get a reasonable policy, when it comes to energy. This move alone could spur the economy to record levels.

Though President-Elect Trump’s comments on regulation were less clear, his policy to mandate replacing two old regulations for any proposed new regulations is a good start.

National security, immigration, and ethics were all discussed and I’m sure there will be more meat on the bones at a later date.

The goal was clear: rebuild America’s middle-class. Finally, he ended with the slogan from the campaign.

Make America great again for everyone.

What a message of real hope for America. Obama has to fear the contrast between good decisive leadership, and what he leaves for President-Elect Trump to fix.

It won’t be long before the moral of most Americans soars. Mine already has.

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