U.S. Navy Veteran: “Educating Colin Kaepernick”

Written by John Miranda | Edited by Dan Lyman

Where to start? I guess the logical place would be with Black Lives Matter (BLM). Their acronym was carefully chosen. Most Americans are oblivious to the fact that one of our three letter government agencies is also BLM (The Bureau of Land Management). In picking the name ‘Black Lives Matter’ and subsequent acronym ‘BLM,’ part of the goal was to keep Americans ignorant of the original BLM.

Those aware of the Bureau of Land Management are most familiar with the federal land grabs in Nevada and Oregon, and the related citizen stand-offs with federal agents and mercenaries literally hired by our government. We now know that land needs to be acquired by our federal government because the associated mineral rights were promised by the Clinton Foundation to the Russians and Chinese in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes. Uranium seems to be the major mineral involved.

Nevada and Oregon, though, are only a fraction of where BLM are executing illegal land grabs. Native Americans have most often been the victims of their activity. Legally, BLM does not even have jurisdiction outside of Washington D.C., but to expound upon all of that would require an additional article. Needless to say, this is likely all new information to Kaepernick…

Getting back to Black Lives Matter – it is an organization that was created and is funded by former Nazi collaborator, George Soros. Yes, an old, white, sieg-heiling billionaire is the founder and money behind KAP’s beloved BLM. You didn’t actually think that DeRay McKesson created BLM did you? McKesson lives in a home owned by one of Soros’ ‘Open Society’ prominent members. Reliable sources also allege that McKesson is in a relationship with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Not exactly some ‘grassroots’ hero fighting for the ‘little guy,’ huh?

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Is In Bed With DeRay McKesson


Additionally, the supposed ‘inspiration’ for Black Lives Matter is a convicted cop killer who is on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list, and is currently hiding under political asylum in Cuba. Perhaps this explains why KAP proudly wore a ‘Fidel Castro’ t-shirt to a recent press conference.

Black Community News: “WARNING: The Real Power and Purpose Behind the ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement”

“George Soros’ funding of the BLM movement is part of an integration into a tapestry of organizations used to disrupt and weaken our society to engineer a socialistic transformation. Since the 1920s and 1930s, as presented in Harold Cruse’s book “The Crisis of The Negro Intellectual,” there has been a focused strategy by the Communist party to use the black community and the poor as a battering ram against “the system” for the purpose of fundamentally changing America into a leftist utopia. Their successful efforts in infiltrating the civil rights movement and other legitimate struggles for justice has been well-documented by many historians and scholars recording the history of the civil rights movement in America.”

Hacked emails released by WikiLeaks confirm all of this information, and it is clear that the goal of Soros all along has been to create riots and civil unrest in the USA in order to usher in the federalization of our police, martial law, and a situation that could justify United Nations troops in our streets. You think you have problems with our police now, KAP?

U.N. Peacekeepers Accused of Killing and Rape In Central African Republic

Soros couldn’t care less for anyone’s life outside of his globalist elite circle, let alone the lives of any African-Americans… Guess what, KAP? You’ve been played.

It seems KAP admires Malcolm X, the former prominent African-American leader, as he proudly donned an “X” baseball cap to accompany his Fidel shirt. So who was Malcolm X, and what exactly did he stand for? Well, for starters, he was a Republican. It is a matter of record that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican as well.

Malcolm X was adamant until his last day that any African-American who ever voted Democrat was getting played… He was obviously educated in the true motivations of President Lyndon B. Johnson and clearly understood the true history of the Democrat Party. LBJ

While known racist Johnson indeed got the Civil Rights Act passed during his presidency, Senator and Klansman Robert Byrd and his fellow Democrats voted against it. It passed because of Republicans voting for it in the House of Representatives and Senate.

Democrats Filibustered the Civil Rights Act

A lot of information to digest, KAP, that I understand. It’s difficult to accept that you’re clueless and have been played when you feel you have been some type of educated role model. Do not blame me, though – blame those closest to you who have fed you the incorrect BS. See: your fiance.

Kaepernick’s Communist-Sympathizing Muslim Girlfriend Believed to Be Behind Protest

Perhaps, KAP, you could learn a thing or two from an actually-black (not half, like you) fellow NFLer, Benjamin Watson, who has written extensively on the hypocrisy of the BLM ‘movement.’ Watson is a man to whom black lives TRULY matter, unlike the charlatans at BLM such as (white) Shaun King and Johnetta Elzie, who are interested only in young African-Americans rioting and causing havoc as obedient little pawns for their Master Soros…

While I do not agree with KAP sitting out the National Anthem, I do acknowledge his right to do so. I also acknowledge the rights of 49ers fans and law enforcement to boycott the team and/or boo every time KAP touches the ball.

Written by John Miranda, U.S. Navy veteran

John Miranda

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