WATCH: What this Muslim family does during the national anthem would bring Democrats to tears (of joy)

Given the significant (and on some questions a majority) number of American Muslims who want Sharia to govern their lives this actually isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s no less disappointing and infuriating.

From The Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama and his liberal cronies like to remind Americans on a near-daily basis that Muslims are all our friends and they hold the same beliefs and values that other Americans do.

Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, Obama continues to try to push his America-transforming agenda on us, claiming that all Muslims love America and those that commit terror attacks against us don’t in reality represent Islam.

The latest piece of evidence punching a hole in the Obama narrative is a video posted on the Facebook page for “The Keffiyeh Monitor” that showed an apparently Muslim family being disrespectful during the national anthem at a graduation ceremony.

To be sure, they have a first amendment right not to stand, and I/we have that same right (and duty, really) to condemn and criticize their ingratitude.

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