What the Hell is Wrong with Glenn Beck

fbBeck1Glenn Beck may have hit rock bottom, politically speaking. I hate to say this, as it was Beck who gave me my start in politics, when I first appeared on his show back in Sept of 2009 to discuss the ACORN underage prostitute scandal.

As I got closer to the Beck team–his producers would pilfer my articles–I dismissed the quirkiness of Beck’s style. However I remembered thinking, Beck doesn’t quite know where he fits in the political spectrum.

My first hint was the 9-12 Movement. Sure we all felt very American on 9-12, but that shouldn’t mean we begin a new movement outside of the Tea Party. Anybody really remember the 9-12 movement?

The last time I saw Beck was at Restoring Love, where we met at the 50-yard line in Texas Stadium, as Beck had flown me to Texas to be part of a broadcast he was doing. That might have been his high point, although people were still wondering where Beck fit. I know this, because many of you asked me.

But Beck’s latest defense of Facebook has most Conservative Americans scratching our heads. Facebook is evil towards Conservatives. Yet, as Breitbart reports, Beck is coming to their defense.

Glenn Beck once again blasted critics of his full-throated defense of Facebook – this time by calling out Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report for being biased against Hillary Clinton.
Beck has been attacking Facebook’s conservative critics ever since the damage control meeting he and 16 other conservatives had with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week following reports from several Facebook whistleblowers that the site’s news curators actively suppress conservative stories in their “trending” news section while simultaneously boosting the signal of leftwing causes like Black Lives Matter.

Beck, who has become Zuckerberg’s staunchest defender on the right, took to his Facebook page today to call out Matt Drudge for alleged bias against the Democratic frontrunner.

Tucker Carlson alluded to Beck’s unbridled adoration of Zuckerberg in the recent meeting at Facebook. One can only guess that Beck is a pulling ‘Kanye West’, who recall begged Zuckerberg for $1 billion to help him out, given Beck’s precarious financial situation.

Like toilet paper on a shoe, Beck’s desperation is showing. He’s out of ideas, as the helter skelter approach to conservatism isn’t working. It’s not working, because it isn’t pure conservatism, as many people are beginning to recognize.

Silence is consent in not speaking out about the treatment of conservatives by Facebook. Facebook hires 99 percent Liberals, and it’s run by a Liberal. There is massive evidence of what Conservatives complain about Facebook, and the ONLY solution is to use our own safe zone.

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