14 of the best Ron Swanson memes

For those unfamiliar with Ron Swanson, he is probably the best character to come out of the show Parks and Recreation.

Swanson is a libertarian who hates government even though he works for it. He’s also a rugged DIY type of guy’s guy, and easily has the best lines of the entire shows run.

Even though entire show had left-wing overtones from time to time, and the actor who plays the Ron is liberal in real life, they do a great job using him to poke fun at liberal shortcomings.

At times they use Ron to attempt to satirize conservative/libertarian ideas as well, but the character was so likable that it always came across as less critical and more endearing…to me at least.

There are a lot of great memes out there about Ron, here are 14 of the best.


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