14 Year Old Girl Brutally RAPED AT SCHOOL by ILLEGAL Immigrant

This just in—a Maryland teenager was recently raped by two immigrants, one of whom was here illegally.

The rape took place DURING school, according to news reports. The two suspects allegedly forced this 14 year old girl into the boys’ bathroom, and repeatedly raped her, despite her pleas for help. Both face 3 charges, including rape.

Are you JOKING me? Our daughters aren’t even safe, IN OUR OWN F–KING HIGH SCHOOLS? Folks, if this doesn’t make you angry, I don’t know WHAT THE HELL WILL!

When are we going to throw these animals in prison? They come here into our country, take up our welfare, take advantage of our public school systems, and RAPE our DAUGHTERS! What the hell?!

The two perpetrators, were both older than her—Jose Montano, was 17 years old, and Henry Sanchez, was 18 years old. Both older, both stronger, both completely incapable of empathy, and willing to take advantage of an innocent young girl.

But that’s not even the worst part. Henry Sanchez had a pending alien removal case, which means that he was SUPPOSED to have been deported.

It’s high time we remove ridiculous bureaucratic procedures and start making fast decisions. Our daughters’ well-being may be at stake if we don’t.

An elderly teacher reports:

“I worked here for about 20 years, in Rockville, never heard of anything like this.”

WOW, I wonder what’s changed in the last decade that could’ve caused this? Maybe it’s 8 years of far left-wing, liberal immigration policies that panders to criminals? The judge called these two “dangerous and flight risks,” and he refused to let them out on bond.

If convicted, these two students will face a life-sentence. Hopefully these two despicable human beings will get thrown in prison to rot, but unfortunately, no matter how much justice is served, you can’t undo the damage that’s been done.

Please SHARE and let everyone know the TRUTH about illegal immigration! It’s time to start WAKING PEOPLE UP to the truth!

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