15 Wasted slogans for Biden 2016 (and a missed opportunity for a VP)


I’m honestly disappointed Biden isn’t running for president. To paraphrase comedian Lewis Black’s reaction back in 2000 when former VP Dan Quayle decided not to run for president: As an American I’m happy for the country, but as a blogger I weep.

I spent some time, off and on, jotting down potential slogans for Joe’s campaign, and I won’t get to use any of them :-/


– From second banana to whatever comes before “second” banana

– I’ll prove there are Americans even dumber than I am #MySupporters

– Odd bless America

– Barack was the communist, I’m just a useful idiot.

– “President” is harder to spell than VP, but that wont stop me!

– I pledge to be a one-term presidency…by losing reelection.

– So I’ve got Uncle Sam by the neck, and Barack says to me “FINISH HIM”

– Hillary’s candidacy is nothing more than a BFD… #BillF**kingDemocrats

– I was a Senator from Delaware. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

– If I can find even one American who votes for me, it would all be worth it.

– I’ll prove everyone wrong for thinking America hit Barack bottom.

– #GoPlugsOrGoHome

– I’ll erase the debt with national quiet time, ‘cuz Barack always says silence is golden.

– Ant-Man has an army of ants…I have hair plugs. #WhatsMyPoint

– Face it, I’m too dumb to be worse than Barack

Then there’s his choice for running mate…


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