1984 IS HERE: Man Jailed For Exposing Pedophile Ring

While many liberals try to paint the picture that all ideologies, belief systems, and religions are created equal, the facts don’t lie. The Rotherham child abuse ring, in which thousands of young children were raped and tortured, was comprised of nearly 100% Muslims.

Of course, this is something which the liberal controlled media refuses to acknowledge. They want us to think that Europeans, and white men in particular, are the demons causing problems in this world. Every day they inundate with biased stories and crooked facts, in an attempt to brainwash our youth and crush our citizens into submission.

Fortunately however, there are some brave souls willing to fight for what they believe is right—and Tommy Robinson is one of them. Despite many disagreeing with his political beliefs, he has done great things for freedom of speech in England. Unfortunately however, he was just arrested…and not for the reason that you may think.

After hosting a live feed to his followers in front of a court room, in an attempt to expose a Muslim pedophile ring, he was immediately confronted by police. Despite not breaking any laws, or being disrespectful in any manner, the police arrested him. What’s worse however, is what the judge did next.

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Fox News reports:

U.K. right-wing activist and journalist Tommy Robinson was arrested and reportedly jailed Friday after he filmed members of an alleged child grooming gang entering a court for trial — but the details of his purported sentence remain murky after the judge ordered the press not to report on the case.

Robinson, the former head of the English Defense League and a longtime activist against Islam and Islamic migration, was arrested after he was filming men accused of being part of a gang that groomed children. Britain has been rocked by a series of child sex scandals perpetuated by gangs of predominantly Muslim men.

According to video evidence, Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, was surrounded by as many seven police officers as he live-streamed the entire incident on his phone. The police made up some phony reason to arrest him, “breach of the peace,” in their own words, and he was immediately sentenced to 13 months in prison.

After just a short few hours, a judge supposedly gathered enough evidence to send him to prison for 13 months. Many critics believe that he was sent to a kangaroo court, and that the so-called “evidence” that was presented against him, was nothing more than him exercising his rights to freedom of speech.

Fox News continues:

One source said he was jailed in Hull Prison. The prison declined to comment to Fox News on whether Robinson was there. Leeds Crown Court also did not return a request for information.

According to The Independent, Robinson was already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court over a gang rape case in 2017. 

The judge in the case on Friday slapped a reporting ban on the case. The order bans reporters from reporting on a case if there is reason to believe the reporting could prejudice a trial. The order prevents reporting until the conclusion of the trial Robinson was reporting on.

The gag order led to news outlets in the U.K. removing their reporting from their websites to comply with the order. Most remaining reporting in the U.K. comments on Robinson’s arrest, but not on his purported sentencing.

Sources with knowledge of Robinson’s case spoke on condition of anonymity in part because of fear they would be arrested for contempt. One told Fox that Robinson’s lawyer warned that, considering the presence of Muslim gang members in prison, a 13-month sentence was tantamount to a death sentence.

“Tommy’s lawyer said he will likely die in jail given his profile and previous credible threats, and the judge basically said he doesn’t care,” the source said. “He sentenced him to 13 months in prison.”

Reaction to Robinson’s sentencing from commentators and right-wing politicians was fierce, particularly as it is the latest in a series of commentators — particularly those who are critical of Islam and mass Islamic migration into the U.K. — being locked up by British authorities.

This should be setting off alarm bells all across your mind—the citizens of the UK are no longer free to express their opinions, even if it means raising awareness about the thousands of children who were brutally raped and abused in the Rotherham sex ring. We are now living in a police state.

If you STAND BEHIND Tommy Robinson in exposing this corrupt ring of Muslim pedophiles, please give this article a share! Thank you and God bless America!

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