$20,000 REWARD Offered for Identity of THUG That Did THIS to a Elderly Trump Supporter


If you know anything about this, please report it immediately. When an Anti-Trump thug sucker punched an elderly Trump supporter, he never thought he would be caught on video — and now there is a very big award for anyone who knows his identity.

A 66-year old Donald Trump supporter was surrounded by Mexican thugs in San Jose — whose mayor told police to stand down and let them riot — and they followed him for two blocks as he tried to leave the Trump rally there.

The man did not want his name released, but he suffered injuries to his right orbital (eye) socket, and required minor surgery.

Well now a prominent conservative on Twitter is offering of a $20,000 reward to anyone providing the identity of the thug so he can release it online:

h/t Top Right News

*Notice how these Mexican cowards always sucker-punch people? It’s far past time for some ‘justice’ on these punks.

If you know anything, please contact us at [email protected]

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