World Famous Model Testifies that Bill Cosby Raped Her in 1982

Bill Cosby

The retrial of Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges has brought out several women who detailed how the entertainment icon drugged them and sexually assaulted them. One accuser is a world-famous model who wants Cosby to be held accountable for what she says was a non-consensual sexual assault.

Janice Dickinson testified about her experiences with Cosby, which mirror a number of women who have accused the comedian over the years. She says in 1982, when she was 27, she was drugged and immobilized by Cosby, and then sexually assaulted without consent.

Bill Cosby

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The Daily Mail reports.

Janice Dickinson has told of her anger and disgust at being allegedly raped by ‘America’s dad’ Bill Cosby after losing consciousness when the disgraced actor gave her a ‘small blue pill’ that he claimed would help with menstrual pains.

She told how she ‘zonked’ out as he entered her and how she thought, ‘Here was America’s dad on top of me, a happily married man with five children and I remember how wrong it was, how very, very wrong it was’.

Taking the witness stand on the fourth day of Cosby’s retrial for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, 45, the former supermodel recalled being invited by Cosby to see him perform at Lake Tahoe and supposedly discuss her acting and singing ambitions in 1982.

The supermodel claims that Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1982, when she was 27 years old, after giving her an unknown pill.

On the first day of that trip she remembered having dinner with Cosby and his music director Stu B Gardener and complaining of menstrual cramps.

She said, ‘I started to get menstruation cramps I had my hand on my stomach probably travel definitely my time of the month and I mentioned it to the gentlemen at the table.

‘And Cosby said, ‘I have something for that’.’ And I was given a blue pill – a little round blue pill.’

She didn’t know what it was, only that Cosby told her it would help.

She said: ‘We remained seated inside the restaurant and shortly after I took the pill I started to feel woozy and dizzy, slightly out of it.

‘When we were finished Gardener left and Cosby said, ‘We’ll continue this conversation upstairs so I followed him to his room’.’

Dickinson then detailed how Cosby used her compromised position to rape her.

Once there, Cosby changed into a bathrobe and made a telephone call while Dickinson, 63, sat on the edge of the bed, the supermodel said.

The court saw three pictures taken by Dickinson with the Polaroid camera she carried with her as she sat on the end of the bed in Cosby’s hotel room.

Cosby is on a telephone, in a robe, wearing glasses and brown velvet hat.

After the photos were shown, Dickinson recalled: ‘He got on top of me and his robe opened and I remembered he smelled like cigars and espresso and his body odor.

‘I couldn’t move. I was I felt like I was rendered motionless. I was thinking what the F…. what the heck is he doing? I was in shock I didn’t consent to this I hadn’t said, ‘Yes’.

‘I didn’t fly to Tahoe to have sex with Mr Cosby [but] it was occurring I remember his breath, the taste of his kiss it smelt like cigars and espresso.’

She continued: ‘Before I zonked out I felt pain between my legs, vaginal pain. I passed out after he entered me. It was gross. I woke up the next morning in my room I didn’t know where I was.

‘I had semen between my legs and I felt anal pain. I took a mirror and looked at myself I could see I was very sore. I remember having pajamas half way on with no bottoms on.’

Dickinson also recounted that Cosby showed no remorse after the fact.

Dickinson claimed that she confronted Cosby the next day, telling him: ‘What happened last night wasn’t cool. Why did you do that?’

She said she wanted to ‘punch him in the face’ but got no reaction from the actor.

Earlier Dickinson had told the court how she was a successful model living and working New York, when Cosby contacted her agency asking to meet.

She first met him at his townhouse on New York’s Upper East Side. She went with her business manager at the time and recalled the meeting as pleasant and how Cosby gave her ‘a really fat book’ by Constantine Stanislavsky telling her that if she wanted to be an actress she had to learn her craft and be prepared.

Dickinson recalled: ‘I was very excited. I was told Mr Cosby mentored people and he was taking an interest in me, checking me out, seeing what I was like.’

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