4 NFL Thugs Band Together, Issue DISGUSTING Demands For White People to Follow on Thanksgiving Day

The NFL was one of America’s favorite pastimes until they began politicizing every single game—and while its ratings have plummeted, it seems that the racist, cop-hating NFL players continue to make absolutely sick demands. In fact, they just issued a disturbing command for all white people to follow on Thanksgiving Day, and it’s not pretty.

The National Football League is headed for disaster, with dozens of their players crying out racist chants, protesting the national anthem, and with some even displaying a “black power” fist to disrespect our flag. While millions of Americans have decided to boycott the anti-American league, it seems that these thugs will never learn.

Unfortunately, these entitled crybabies in the NFL are still paid millions of dollars every year, and they fully understand that they have a lot of bargaining power. It should come as no surprise then, that four of the most outspoken, racist, and vile NFL players have banded together to further their message of hate.

We’ve already reported on how Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks has begun flashing the “black supremacy fist,” every time he tackles a white player. This sick and twisted act of racism is being brushed off by liberals as “empowering,” but we all know the truth—he’s trying to signal his hatred towards white people.

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Apparently, flashing a symbol of hatred every time he tackles a white player wasn’t enough however. Michael Bennet is now banding together with several other NFL thugs and demanding that white people follow certain sick “orders” for the next month, around Thanksgiving, to protest the “oppression” that these millionaires feel they’ve been victimized by.

Freedom Daily reports:

A memo sent to the NFL demanding that they turn November into an “activism awareness month” to protest police in America is being led by Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, Eagles’ Torrey Smith and former NFL player Anquan Boldin. All these players have been very vocal with their protests all year, with Bennett swearing during preseason to continue Colin Kaepernick’s protesting “legacy.”

The memo makes ridiculous claims against America’s police officers, including the claim that police were responsible for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, even though he wasn’t shot by police officers at all, but by neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.

But these black players are blinded by their hatred of all police officers in America, as they throw in unsubstantiated cries of racism to pressure the NFL into supporting their anti-cop views.

Police officers keep our streets safe every single day from thugs trying to rape, murder, and steal—and yet these entitled millionaire crybabies don’t even have the decency to show them some respect, or to stand for our national anthem. Veterans have died for that flag, but apparently these NFL thugs don’t give a damn as long as they get their weekly $100,000 checks in the mail.

US Herald reports that Alton Sterling, some thug, decided to pull a gun out and threaten a police officer. Naturally, the officer pulled out his weapon in self-defense, and shot the thug dead. NFL idiots such as Bennett however, are claiming his death was due to “racism” rather than the fact that he pulled a gun out on an officer.

What kind of age do we live in where people are defending a criminal who tries to shoot a police officer? These people are absolutely deranged, and yet they’re being paid millions and millions of dollars every single year by our government’s tax funds, and by the American people. This is absolutely unacceptable, and it needs to stop.

Alton Sterling was shot by police while trying to draw his gun during a struggle with officers. The officer who shot Jordan Edwards was fired and indicted.

Sterling was shot by police after he attempted to pull out a gun on police officers while engaged in a struggle. The officer was indicted and fired. It may be important to note to people of all races and religions that pulling a gun on a cop may result in immediate death.

In response, the NFL thugs have demanded that we support them in their anti-cop crusade. After issuing a memo out to the NFL, millions of Americans grew absolutely furious, and have begun throwing out their football gear, burning tickets, and sending a message via social media.

Yahoo Sports reports on the memo that was sent to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, asking him and all other Americans to join this racist, anti-cop movement:

“To be clear, we are asking for your support. We appreciate your acknowledgement on the call regarding the clear distinction between support and permission. For us, support means: bear all or part of the weight of; hold up; give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.”

“We need support, collaboration and partnerships to achieve our goal of strengthening the community. There are a variety of ways for you to get involved. Similar to the model we have in place for players to get involved, there are three tiers of engagement based on your comfort level.

“To start, we appreciate your agreement on making this an immediate priority. In your words, from Protest to Progress, we need action.”

I don’t know about you, but this is the last straw. A criminal pulled a gun on an officer, in an attempt to shoot him, and all the officer did was save his own life—yet these disgusting NFL thugs are claiming he was shot due to “racism,” and have pressured the police agency to fire him, which they did.

These men are incredibly spoiled and don’t even realize it. There are other countries in the world where people can’t even access Facebook or express their opinions online without being afraid of the government’s secret police knocking down their door and dragging them away in the middle of the night.

We have freedoms in this country, because millions of men and women have died for them, and because thousands of police officers line our streets every single day to keep us safe. With these thugs serving as horrible role models to our children, perhaps it’s time we boycott them once and for all—and put an end to the NFL. Good riddance.

If you’re absolutely FURIOUS at these race-baiting, anti-American NFL thugs for spreading hatred, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless America!

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