4 Reasons tonight’s GOP debate could be a huge letdown…

The first GOP debate is coming up, and while events like this are what bloggers live for I can’t help but feel that tonight might be a huge let down for a few reasons:

1. Donald Trump might end up being a paper tiger. Sure, he will probably deliver a good line or two that will play well into the meme-makers out there (myself included, maybe), but you can’t teach an old billionaire dog new tricks, and if this video is any indication of anything, it’s that Trump studied at the Clinton school of saying nothing.

Case in point (from 1988):

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In 1988 Oprah asked Donald Trump if he would ever run for President!!!

Posted by ROCK-SOLID on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maybe he’ll offer up some substance tonight, but I’m honestly not sure, because…

2. Everyone gets one minute responses, and 30 second rebuttals. That’s all! That’s what you get when you have too many candidates, something that looks more like one of Trump’s beauty pageants, minus the beauty, but with more intelligence.

This kind of setup might play well to a candidate like Ted Cruz, who is practically a professional debater and is probably no stranger to such rhetorical restraints. So this will play right into his wheel house for the one or two times he’ll actually get to speak.

For the rest of them this will by no means be a measure of who they are as people, much less what kind of president they would make.

3. Jeb Bush will be there…I haven’t forgotten Reagan’s 11th commandment, and I’m not breaking it either.

4. This isn’t going to move the needle very much for anyone, because we’re not going to learn as much about the candidates as we should. That’s the point of these debates, and if that isn’t achieved then the whole thing is kind of pointless. We would be MUCH better off breaking the field up into two groups of eight, or 4 groups of four. Then instead of a two-hour donnybrook we could have 30-45 minutes with potentially much better answers and candidate exchanges.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely going to watch, and am really looking forward to the event. I hope I’m completely wrong about all of this.

I think it’s great that Fox News is kicking the debate season off. That’s how it should be.. In a just world liberal ideologues (like George Stephanopoulos) wouldn’t even be part of the conversation, that’s how craptacularly meritless memes like “war on women” get started (when he needlessly grilled Romney about birth control). I’m glad to see that’s not going to be the case tonight.

However, the above four points make me cautiously pessimistic that it’s not going to actually be much of anything.


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