Black Teen Said White Supremacists Beat Him, But Cops Found Out the Real Truth (VIDEO)

teen kidnapped

A teen in Houston, Texas is claiming that a group of white supremacists kidnapped, beat, and threatened him after getting off of a school bus last month.

The incident caused outrage in the community and among local activists. There was just one problem.

It was all a lie.

13-year-old Zavion Parker (shown right above, with his mother Michelle Lee on the left) claimed he was abducted by a man and four teenagers last month after he got off of the school bus in his northeast Houston neighborhood. He claimed the man had a shirt that said “I hate back people” and they told him he was being beaten because he was black.

After a thorough investigation, however, police say Zavion made the entire story up, and they aren’t elaborating as to why.

Some played up the incident as indicative of race problems in America. A “Justice for Zavion” rally was held. People were outraged. Now, those same people have gone strangely silent. That includes Zavion’s mother, who won’t talk to the press now after going in front of TV cameras last month telling her son’s story.

ABC affiliate KTRK in Houston reports.

Houston police say there is no evidence to support the claims made by a teenager that white supremacists abducted him, injured him and threatened him.

We first brought you this story last month when 13-year-old Zavion Parker claimed he was grabbed by an adult and four young men after stepping off his school bus.

Zavion alleges he was robbed and beaten, all because of his race. He also said he was held at a property at gunpoint until he was able to escape.

Michelle Lee, the teen’s mother, told Eyewitness News her son managed to escape the gun-wielding kidnappers.

“The reason why they got him was because they said he was black. ‘You deserve to die.’ Exactly his words,” Lee told ABC13 in May. “Saying the dad had, like, a white muscle shirt on, and you could see it, was right here big as day. ‘I hate black people.'”

But after a thorough investigation, the Houston Police Department now says the events as described did not occur, that the property Parker described had nothing to do with any crime.

Investigators have met with both the child’s mother and community activists. They told them their findings.

We reached Lee on the phone on Monday, but she did not want to comment.

HPD says they will not be filing charges against anyone involved in what was essentially a false report.

Here is local reporting on the incident fro Houston station KTRK.

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