5 charts that dispel the fantasy that banning guns alone ends or reduces gun violence…


See this post for better context on where these charts came from. I thought these charts were so good they deserved their own post…

The homicide and gun homicide rate in Australia before and after banning guns

The line in the middle with the arrow pointing to it is the year Austrailia banned just about all guns. The blue line is the gun murder rate, and the top line is the overall murder rate.

You can see the gigantic significance banning all guns had on both. A point I would be able to make more clearly if sarcasm had it’s own font.



Homicide in Britain before and after banning guns

This explains itself. Again a ban has had no effect in reducing anything except the ability for the law abiding to defend themselves.



Gun homicide in England and Wales before and after banning guns

Same story as the overall homicide rate, only this looks at guns specifically.


Ireland and Jamaica before and after banning guns

The top is Jamaica and the bottom is Ireland. Yes this is the overall murder rate and not just with guns. Yet, in both countries murder is higher than it ever was before the gun ban, which leads to two questions.

  1. Would the murder rates have spiked if (law abiding) citizens were allowed to have guns to defend themselves?
  2. Why focus on the middle man (guns) and just go straight to banning murder?

Oh, wait… :-/


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