7 Actually useful memes about open-mindedness…

So recently Buzzfeed did this silly video about what Christians are and aren’t. You could tell the video was an accurate depiction of Christianity because it included no clergy, and no theologians…only a bunch of 20-somethings who are seemingly more concerned with looking cool than anything else.

Matt Walsh did a terrific response to it, and it got me thinking about “open-mindedness.” Usually that term connotes someone giving themselves permission to actually be closed-minded (usually to people who actually bothered to be informed enough on any given issue to form an opinion worth mentioning) or absolve themselves of taking a position on anything that might have consequences or hold themselves accountable for anything.

For most people the term means being accepting, but more often than not it’s an admission of a lack of true intellect.

In any case it led me to a lot of pretty darn good memes/quotes on the subject (and a lot of really terrible ones).

Here are the seven best.


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