A litmus test for those who think Trump is worse than Hillary


In the field of 17 GOP candidates Donald Trump wasn’t even in my top 10. As a fairly hardcore conservative I was excited that this would be the year we could elect someone that was at least as right as Reagan, if not more so, in the White House.

Donald Trump has proven something we sort of knew when the GOP picked Mitt Romney, and then watched him lose to a president with a first term record that is arguably worse than Jimmy Carter’s. America is not a conservative country, it’s not even center-right, and leading conservatives who are apoplectic by Trump’s nomination have overestimated for a long time how much the country is with them/us.

The shellshock and subsequent temper tantrum those same conservatives are having right now is something I had, and had gotten over months ago.

I’m not happy Donald Trump is about to become the de facto head of the Republican Party because he’s not conservative, and he’s pretty much a RINO, but I can’t join #NeverTrump because Hillary is and would be worse for the country. At least an argument can be made that Trump can be swayed to execute something of a center-right agenda. We know Hillary wont do that.

For those who disagree, Big Fur Hat over at iOTWReport asks the following question that can serve as sort of a litmus test:

If Trump ran as a democrat and he marched out on the stage with Clinton and Sanders, and he delivered the same arguments, the same speeches, the same platform as he did during the republican debates, who amongst us on the right would look at the Tee Vee and say, “he’s worse than Hillary!!!!”?

Well? Not me! I truly don’t know what a President Trump will give us, but I know what Hillary will do, and I don’t want to spend the next 4-8 years tearing my hair out over the policies of a harpy who I know stands against America and wont change. At least with Trump for good or bad he will be on America’s side. Also, I suspect there will be some give and take.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I know I’m right about Hillary.

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