A Man Joins An Order Of Monks Where You Can Only Speak Once Every 15 Years

A man goes to join an order of monks.

The head Monk says to the man, “This is a silent order. You will only be allowed to speak once, every 15 years.”

The man says “Okay” and so begins his time with the silent order.

15 years pass and the man is sitting in the refectory when the head monk approaches and says to the man, “It has been fifteen years. What would you like to say brother?”

The man responds, “The porridge could do with a little more sugar.”

The head monk nods in acknowledgement and walks away.

Another 15 years pass and the head monk finds the man in the dormitory and says, “Brother, it has been another 15 years. What is it that you wish to say?”

“The bed sheets are a bit thin.” Replies the man. Again the head monk nods in acknowledgement.

Yet another 15 years pass and the head monk sees the man and asks, “15 years have passed. Have you anything to say?”

“Well actually I’ve been thinking about it and I’m leaving the order. It’s not really for me,” says the man.

“Yes, yes,” sighs the head monk. “I think that’s for the best. You’ve done nothing but complain since you got here.”

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