Actress Amy Schumer Makes DISGUSTING Statement at Anti-Gun March, and the Crowd Cheered (VIDEO)

Actress Amy Schumer – cousin to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer – spoke to the crowd at the “March for our Lives” rally in Los Angeles, and made a disgusting statement about who is responsible for the death of schoolchildren in mass shootings.

In her speech, shown on video below, Schumer doesn’t blame the shooter or parents and authorities who missed warning signs. Schumer blames – wait for it – the National Rifle Association. In a rambling speech, she claims the NRA is “killing our children” and has “blood on their hands” whenever someone else kills a child.

The Daily Mail reports.

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Schumer was one of a number of celebrities who made an appearance at the march, which was a nationwide event in dozens of cities that drew millions of people.

She took to the podium at downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park on Saturday and forcefully denounced America’s gun culture.

‘Thank you students and everyone here for standing up and saying, “no more”,’ Schumer said.

‘Because we know it’s hard and we know they will twist our words and laugh at us and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie,’ Schumer said of the NRA and gun rights activists.

‘How do they sleep at night? You are killing children.’

Schumer said she was ready for conservatives to dismiss her as another ‘Hollywood liberal’ – ‘as if there’s something in it for us.’

‘Well, what’s in it for us is knowing we’re doing our part to keep our children alive,’ Schumer said.

Schumer even admitted that her movies and shows sell fewer tickets, and blames it on her political stance, not on the fact that her movies are terrible and she is widely considered crass and unfunny.

The actress said that she expects to ‘sell half as many tickets’ to her stand-up shows as a consequence of her anti-gun stance.

Schumer said she was willing to pay that price if it meant ‘standing up for what’s right.’

‘You see that, politicians?’ she asked.

‘You can make a little less money and be able to look at yourself in the mirror with no blood on your hands.’

Schumer ignored obvious evidence to the contrary when it comes to gun violence, such as no NRA member has been involved in a mass school shooting, and an armed NRA member confronted the church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, last year, keeping him from killing more people.

Here is video of Schumer’s speech.

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