Meryl Streep was honored at the Golden Globes for a lifetime of notable work.  In Hollywood fashion; instead of graciously accepting her award; Meryl Streep took the opportunity to attack Trump at the Golden Globes. It was an attack on President-elect Donald Trump. In a six minute prepared speech while accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award, the actress denounced Trump’s campaign rhetoric and criticized him for mocking a disabled reporter. The problem with her speech is that it is made on an erroneous assumption. At some point someone has decided to run with this lie about Trump. A tearful Meryl Streep calls out Donald Trump during her speech at the 2017 Golden Globes for what she claims was him ‘mocking’ a disabled reporter during one of his rallies. Lets rewind to 2003 when she gave the pedophile, Roman Polanski, a standing ovation. She has no credibility. I don’t care about what she thinks or says. She is a hypocrite of the worst kind. Her tears and outrage are just another act.

When Trump was running for president you might recall he made a gesture which some said was him mocking a disabled reporter. Streep’s attack of Trump was a reference to a rally by Trump in November 2015 when he imitated New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a condition that affects his joint movements.

Trump has always denied he was mocking the reporter. In the above video clip you can see Donald Trump uses that motion several times in his life even going back to 2010. Trump often making makes that physical gesture when putting down people for their work. Trump has always stated he has never met the reporter nor did he know the reporter was disabled.

In an interview with the The New York Times Monday morning, Trump said he was “not surprised” by the criticism from “liberal movie people,” pointing out that Streep was a supporter of his defeated rival, Hillary Clinton. What do you think about this attack on national TV by Streep on Trump? Is this justified or just another media lie?

Veteran Dionne Alexander thoughts on Meryl Streep’s ignorant rant.

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