Afghan Migrants Brutally Rape Teenager – Liberal Judge Won’t Deport Them For One Sick Reason

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Every single week, more evidence emerges proving that Western Civilization is extremely lenient on Muslims, and they’re fully taking advantage of it. Just recently, five Muslim men gang raped an underage boy…and they weren’t deported.

Liberals have been bullying conservatives into siding with them for the past several decades, because if you don’t, they’ll immediately call you a slew of names. Whether they label you a racist, sexist, homophobe, or Islamophobe, is all the same—they seek to shame you into oblivion.

It’s no surprise then, that this liberal judge felt the need to virtue signal his conservative counterparts, and give these disgusting men a ridiculously lenient sentence. After the judge was presented with video evidence that they’d gang raped a young boy at knife point, he refused to deport them…all because their home country was “too dangerous.”

Breitbart reports:

Five Afghani migrants have been convicted of raping an underage boy and filming the ordeal on their phones. However, the rapists cannot be deported because their homeland is “too dangerous”.

The victim, is understood to be aged under 15, was raped in woodland in Uppsala county in Sweden by the five Afghanis who were aged 16 and 17 at the time. He was beaten and dragged to the forest a knife-point before being raped for over an hour.

The teenage attackers were found guilty of aggravated rape, but the judge denied a request from prosecutors that they be deported, citing the “dangerous” situation in their homeland.

Instead, Expressen reports that four of the defendants were sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment while the fifth received 13 months. The migrant who filmed the ordeal was also convicted of child pornography charges.

The defendants would have received much longer sentences – up to six years – but due to their age and the fact they cannot be paroled, their jail terms were drastically reduced.

One said how he had known the victim previously, but they had fallen out over money, so he decided to rape him as revenge.

The victim was also severely beaten to a pulp, before being dragged into the forest. According to his own testimony, the scumbags grabbed him, covered his mouth, and dragged him out into a woodland area. They proceeded to rape him for one hour.

As if this wasn’t enough, the vermin decided to humiliate the poor boy even more. They spat on him, bit his back, and recorded the entire thing, threatening to expose it onto Facebook if he told the police.

Then, after all of this evidence comes to light in court, this liberal judge still decides that he won’t deport these animals? Freedom Daily adds:

DANGEROUS? Does this guy think that making the local town more dangerous by housing violent criminals was more just? The rapists who were said to be between the ages of 16-17 had dragged the boy into the forest and raped him for over an hour by knife point.

It was said that the victim may have owed one of the 5 some money and that this was a revenge attack. There was no doubt that they were guilty of aggravated rape but the tender-hearted liberal judge just couldn’t stand to send these violent rapists to a ‘dangerous’ situation.

Instead he gave them all very lenient sentences. 4 defendants received up to 15 months while the 5th received 13 month sentence.

Despite the fact that a boy was humiliated, spat upon, being beaten then gang raped for a long period of time… the Liberal judge saw the rapists as the real victims.

Please let NO judge in the United States pull this kind of crap because you’ve got my words that there will be pitchforks and fire coming at the judge who coddles violent criminal refugees over a rape victim.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident—more and more judges are pandering to Islam all across Europe, and if Americans don’t start electing politicians who take a firm stance against the “religion of peace,” we’ll be next.

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