Former Al-Qaeda Recruiter Caught with Cocaine and Hookers Works for a U.S. University

A former Al-Qaeda sympathizer and recruiter, who now works for George Washington University, is in hot water after getting caught with cocaine and trying to hire a hooker. Which is more surprising, that he was caught with coke and hookers, or that he works at an American university?

According to The Gateway Pundit, Jesse Morton is a research fellow at George Washington University.

Morton is a former recruiter for Al-Qaeda who exhorted others to follow Osama Bin Laden. Morton became a Muslim while in prison after reading “The Autobiography of Malcolm X.”

He also made national headlines for encouraging an attacks against the creators of hit TV-show South Park who he described as enemies of Islam.

It appears Morton is still having trouble staying on the right side of the law.

But Morton, now 38, again faces legal troubles after being arrested and accused of bringing cocaine to meet a prostitute…

…Morton was once deemed by federal prosecutors as dangerous to “the very freedoms on which our society is based.” But even before leaving prison, he has said in an interview, he began working undercover on counterterrorism operations. He was released in 2015 after serving less than a third of his 11½ -year prison sentence and hired by GWU the following year.

According to court documents, Morton was arrested on Dec. 28 in a sting operation by Fairfax police. He answered an ad on for a prostitute, police said. When he showed up at the Governor House Inn & Suites in Falls Church, he was arrested. Police say they found cocaine and a glass pipe in his pack of Marlboro cigarettes. In his car, they said they found another device for smoking crack cocaine.
Jesse Morton joined George Washington University in 2015, after he was released from prison for terrorist activities. He was originally sentenced to over 11 years, but served less than a third of that sentence. He was hired to work in the college’s “Program on Extremism.”
American universities can be very elitist in their hiring policies, as many conservatives have learned. They wouldn’t even consider an ex-con who was just released from prison, except in this case. Somehow, a Muslim extremist can walk right out of prison and into a college job. It must be nice.

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