Al Sharpton’s Daughter Just Got ARRESTED – Look What Sick Thing She Did For “Birthday Celebration”

al sharpton daughter arrested

Many Americans are familiar with Al Sharpton’s race baiting antics, especially after the past two terms of Obama. What most are unaware of, however, is how much of a selfish brat his daughter is.

It only makes sense that one of the most racist, hateful fear-mongers in America raised an equally disgusting child. Al Sharpton has long been known for stirring the pot of racial tensions to make a quick penny, all at the expense of destroying the black community and taking innocent lives away forever.

The race baiting demagogue’s daughter celebrated her 30th birthday in New York City with some friends, but apparently nobody told her that you can’t go around treating people with hatred. Unfortunately for her, a little stunt that she committed in a cab car ended up with her behind bars for the night.

New York Daily News reports that she jumped into a cab with some of her friends, and they all proceeded to give the cab driver different directions. The cabby looked at them confused, as any normal person would do, but what Miss Sharpton did next is absolutely disgusting.

Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter’s birthday celebration ended in handcuffs early Saturday after she accosted a cabbie in Midtown, according to police sources.

Ashley Sharpton, who turned 30 Friday, is facing charges of petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property after she allegedly grabbed the keys from a cabbie on W. 48th and Ninth Ave., then shoved and punched the cab driver when he demanded them back.

Reverend Al Sharpton commented on the attack, essentially accusing the cabby of being a liar. “She told me it didn’t happen the way they said it happened,” he said. Right, because we’re supposed to believe everything that comes out of Al Sharpton’s mouth—especially when it involves a publicity nightmare.

Just a few short hours after making this comment, what do you know, he played the race card. He claims that his daughter is being targeted, but we all know that this isn’t what happened. Cabbies don’t give two craps who’s in their car—they just want to drop you off and get their money.

Al Sharpton’s daughter wasn’t “targeted” because she is black, or because she’s related to one of the most racist people on the planet. No, she was targeted because of her drunken belligerence and lawbreaking —that’s why she was targeted.

“All I know is that you got four people in a cab, and there’s some altercation, and they find out two hours later one of them is Al Sharpton’s daughter, she’s the one that’s going to the precinct,” the firebrand civil rights leader told the crowd.

“If you’re my child or you’re related to me you’re guilty until proven innocent. But we’ll fight that out in court.”

The clash began just before 1 a.m. on W. 48th St. and Ninth Ave. when Sharpton and three pals jumped into a cab but all gave the cab driver different destinations.

Annoyed, the confused cabbie stopped his car until his passengers could figure out where they were going.

That’s when Sharpton, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, snatched his keys from the ignition, according to cops. She jumped out of the car and threw the keys — which the cabbie didn’t see.

When the driver approached her demanding his keys back she began shoving him, he told police.

Sharpton ran off but cops caught up with her about two hours later on W. 46th St. and took her into custody.

Cops gave her a desk appearance ticket and sent her home.

This should be on the front page of every single news outlet in all of America. Can you imagine if Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka was caught doing something like this? The media would be in an outcry, for YEARS to come—but because this girl is Al Sharpton’s daughter, she gets special privileges.

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