Alaska Airlines Offers LGBT Travel Specials – Straight Folks Not Outraged

Alaska Airlines, now America’s 5th largest airline after recently acquiring San Francisco-based Virgin America, offers travel arrangements specifically targeting gay customers. Special rates and discounts on trips to destinations known for hosting ‘pride’ events are featured in the ‘Gay Travel’ section of their website.

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And guess what? No one cares. There are no boycotts. There is no outrage. The media hasn’t said a word about it. Musicians and Hollywooders are still flying on Alaska. Straight folks just continue to go about their day, totally indifferent, and totally unaware.

Truly free market enterprises should certainly be allowed to target their customer base however they see fit, but at a time when frothing LGBT supremacists and their legions of ‘social justice’ attack hounds – alongside activist judges and legislators – are targeting bakeries, pizza shops, and entire states for economic destruction for not bowing at the Alter of LGBTQ+?, the double-standard is nauseating.

Not only could a mom-and-pop business in the middle of nowhere not get away with advertising special treatment of heterosexual customers – they can’t even decline to participate in the rainbow lifestyle, as was proven last year when a nosy female news reporter strolled into tiny Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, and asked how they would feel about serving a HYPOTHETICAL gay wedding. The shop’s owner stated that, while she had no problem serving homosexual customers, she would decline to voluntarily enter into a for-profit market exchange with two gay folks getting married. Cue a hurricane of wrath from the bloodthirsty, international pitchfork mafia.

Memories Dooley Tweet

(Jess Dooley was a high school golf coach.)

Never mind that only a very tiny fraction of the population would even consider having a pizza parlor cater their wedding. Never mind that the only party negatively affected by that decision would be the business itself, due to loss of revenue. Never mind that the owner of Memories Pizza explicitly said they would NOT refuse service to homosexuals in their restaurant. Never mind that the real war on homosexuals is occurring around the world, as Islamic demons throw them from roof tops or hang them from cherry pickers in the town square. No – the narrow-minded totalitariat must be allowed to march and threaten and throw the grand-scale hissy fit, lest we in rational, respectful society be labeled as ‘hatemongers.’

WND: “LGBT Activists: Marriage Was Never the ‘End Game’

Memories was later ‘tricked‘ into providing pizzas for an actual gay wedding by a catty troll, who proudly posted video of his vindictive ‘con-job’ to social media. Owner Kevin O’Connor’s chivalrous response? “I just kind of laughed at it, I guess. It was a silly thing that they did. I don’t know if it was to try and make us look stupid or make themselves look stupid. Because the reaction I’ve gotten is people just calling them idiots, basically. But if they got a kick out of it, that’s okay it. It doesn’t hurt me.” So who’s the real jerk here? One has to wonder if this same petty twit would have the gall to slip some bacon in an unsuspecting Muslim co-worker’s sandwich with the same bravado…

Male-oriented businesses are even being targeted by deranged, pugnacious feminazis who relish opportunities to heave the massive chips off their shoulders at unsuspecting shop proprietors, and air their manufactured grievances publicly – or even to Big Brother.


New York Post: “Barbershop Fined $750 For Refusing to Cut a Woman’s Hair”

Barbiere advertises itself as a high-end gentlemen’s barbershop and offers complimentary beers and spirits. The Washington barbershop was recently fined by the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for gender discrimination.

Owner John Interval tells the (Washington) Observer-Reporter the fine “infringes” on his shop’s environment. Interval says, “Guys come here as a kind of a little getaway, to be around other guys.”

The female customer had booked hair appointments online for herself and her boyfriend. She asked for a short haircut known as a wave but was turned away.

Interval says his staff recommended other shops and even offered to pay for a haircut someplace else to compensate for the inconvenience.

These are, of course, just a couple examples on a growing list of egregious encroachments upon free will and free speech that are being carried out in the everyday life of commoners. Now, extrapolate this inability to simply disagree or say ‘no’ to the pressure at the corporate/national level, and the vicious bullying is far nastier and more consequential.

In 2014, Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was run off the job a mere 11 days after assuming his new post at the company. The reason? It was discovered (and highly publicized) that he had previously donated a meager $1,000 to Proposition 8 in California, which stood in protection of traditional marriage.

San Francisco Gate: “Mozilla CEO Eich caves over Prop. 8 donation”

Eich’s enemies argue that intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. But of course it is. By toppling Mozilla’s CEO, activists sent the message that having opposed same-sex marriage – a mainstream position also held by Barack Obama just six years ago – can be a career killer. It’s not enough to beat the opposition at the ballot box or in court, you have to ruin their grassroots supporters personally, make people afraid to oppose you.

Of course, they don’t have to ruin everybody who gave money to Prop. 8. All they have to do is flame a few random supporters, trash their reputations and kill their careers – as an example to anyone who might entertain the same position. Who needs tolerance when you can dish out fear?

And now, in 2016, high-visibility SJWs in Big Hollywood and Big Tech are canceling scheduled events and business operations in North Carolina over the state’s defense of female rights to safely use a restroom without male perverts or lunatics invading.

Breitbart: “Gay Group ‘More Powerful than the NRA,’ Warns North Carolina Governor”

Leading the fight to intimidate McCrory and state law-makers is the $50 million-a-year anti-Christian Human Rights Campaign. Fresh off their victory in forcing gay marriage on the country, some gay pressure groups actually closed their doors, others have been concerned with how to keep their coffers full, their doors open, and the LGBT issue on the boil after seemingly having won everything they wanted. Standing up for “men in dresses” has certainly kept the LGBT issue on the boil and, presumably, the cash flowing.

Apparently, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, Eddie Vedder, and PayPal’s CEO Daniel Schulman would (vehemently) prefer mentally-unstable grown men to shower in locker rooms with their daughters and wives – or perhaps they might even fancy unfettered trips to the little girl’s loo themselves. (By the way – what ever happened to ’safe spaces?’)

The double-standard (the *only* standard of the oppressive Left) reveals itself when these same posturing hypocrites go on to perform or continue operating in Middle Eastern countries where, not only are homosexuality or dressing in drag criminal behavior, but they can be punishable by imprisonment or execution.

CNS News: “PayPal, Apple, Coca-Cola Reject N.C. ‘Bathroom’ Law But Do Business Where Gay Sex and Cross-Dressing Are Illegal”

Curt Schilling, the cultural marxism-smashing patriot and renowned MLB pitcher (who is being denied otherwise-automatic entrance to the Hall of Fame due to his anti-PC politics) had the NERVE to repost a meme about transgenders with a caption that just cost him his job at ESPN, thanks to pearl-clutching illiberals.



In their public statement on Schilling’s termination, Disney-owned ESPN employed typical Orwellian double-speak, citing their ‘inclusiveness’ as a company for the reason to cleanse itself of a dissonant opinion.

Alaska Airlines should be just as entitled to discriminate against heterosexual passengers with their marketing and discounted destinations as bakers should be to refuse baking cupcakes for snowflakes. And we, as levelheaded, liberated American adults can pull up our big-boy pants (or skirts) and spend our dollars at whichever establishments they are welcome, so long as men stay out of the bathroom with our women.

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