ALERT: Category 5 Hurricane Irma Now Headed For Florida – Please Share This Now!

hurricane irma category 5

We previously reported on the devastating strength of Hurricane Irma yesterday, noting that it may be the most powerful storm to ever hit the United States. Unfortunately, this prediction may come true, after what meteorologists just said.

Hurricane Irma has been upgraded to a category five hurricane after reaching sustained winds of 175 miles per hour—experts have warned that this could just be the start, however. As the “super typhoon,” begins to take form over the next few days, it could surpass 180 miles per hour, making it the most deadly hurricane in US history.

Silence is Consent previously reported that the threat of Hurricane Irma has been so incredible, that some meteorologists are considering a change to the current scale used to measure storms. Michael Ventrice, a seasoned meteorologist, warned that this is the “highest wind speed,” that he’s seen in his decade long career of forecasting.

While Texas is still recovering from Hurricane Harvey, there’s another dangerous storm churning in the Atlantic Ocean as we speak. Hurricane Irma, which began to form on Wednesday of last week, has already reached breakneck wind speeds of 120+ miles per hour, which marks the fastest progression of a storm within two decades.

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit an abnormally warm patch of waters on its path towards Florida, which could skyrocket its wind speeds up to 180 miles per hour. It could create a never-before-seen standard: a Category 6 hurricane.

The current scale that we use to chart hurricanes has never anticipated a threat this powerful, prompting some to add a “Category 6” to describe the type of “hyper storms,” which are now developing in the Atlantic.

In addition to this, weather experts have pointed out that the storm has an incredibly “well defined eye,” which is a hallmark sign of a devastatingly powerful hurricane. Many are concerned that this could completely wipe entire cities off the map, particularly those in Southern Florida and parts of Louisiana.

Hurricane Irma has been appropriately named after an Old Germanic war goddess. According to folklore, she would ride into battle on a great golden steed, and leave a trail of absolute desolation in her wake. Unfortunately, we may see something similar with Hurricane Irma.

The Hurricane’s strength has prompted Florida Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency. Irma, which was first spotted a week ago, has already grown from a category three into a category five within just 24 hours, making it one of the fastest growing storms we’ve ever seen.

Orlando Sentinel reports:

Scott’s declaration gives local governments the time and resources to prepare for a possible hit, he said. President Donald Trump “offered the full resources of the federal government” during a phone call at 10:20 p.m. Monday, Scott said in a tweet.

“The state of emergency allows our emergency management officials to act swiftly in the best interest of Floridians without the burden of bureaucracy or red tape,” Scott said in a statement.

Burton said she and her husband were preparing to house family members from South Florida. Her mother-in-law, who lives in Parkland near the Everglades, has struggled to find water in stores.

“We don’t want family having to worry about bringing their own water,” Burton, 27, said.

Hurricane Irma is considered a “Cape Verde hurricane,” which frequently become some of the most powerful and destructive storms. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, some have attempted to compare the two, but Jessie Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Melbourne, said that there will be no comparison.

If these reports come true, Hurricane Irma could be the most devastating hurricane to hit the United States in history, and the outcome wouldn’t be good. With sustained winds of over 180 miles per hour, it could easily rip buildings to shreds. Every single man, woman, and child is urged to evacuate the coastlines…your life depends on it.

Please share this extremely important information! We do not want a single soul in Florida unaware of what is about to hit them—thank you and God bless!

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