ALERT: China Conducting Air Combat Training – Tells Citizens To Prepare For WAR

International tribunal ‘rejects’ China’s South China Sea claim

China’s air force flies combat patrol over disputed islands…

FOX News Video:

China's Newest Jet Fighter J-15 Flying Shark

AFF reports:

China has begun conducting combat air training, over the disputed Islands in the South China Sea.

Beijing told its military, police and civilians to ‘prepare for war’ over the disputed waters, to fight for the sanctity and sovereignty of China’s land and waters.


The Peoples Republic of China Air Force has been conducting air patrols over the area and has stepped up the patrols since The Hague Tribunal ruled against them in July.

 Air force spokesman Senior Col. Shen Jinke, provided the following statement regarding the combat maneuvers and Patrols over the disputed Spratly Islands:
“To enhance combat capabilities to deal with various security threats” and to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.  Bomber and fighter aircraft, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance planes and planes that can refuel in flight patrol the airspace around the Spratly Islands, Scarborough Shoal and surrounding areas. This will continue on a regular basis.”

J-10-Chinese Fighter

This comes after the U.S. responded to threats from China and the DPRK, the U.S. sent B1 Lancer Bomber 34th Expeditionary squadron to the Pacific, they are due in Guam sometime today.

U.S. B1 Lancer Bomber
U.S. B1 Lancer Bomber

China has been very open about the South China Sea and that they will not remove their military and relinquish control over the disputed waters.  China has stated they are open to a peaceful resolution so long as the surrounding nations give up their claims to the waters and islands and the U.S. leaves the region.

China is also conducting joint naval operations and training in September with Russia, Moscow released a statement saying that the joint training is to maintain peace in the region and to answer the U.S. military build-up in the region.

With the tensions rising at an alarming rate, it seems a military engagement is unavoidable in the Pacific once again.

We know that the South China Sea, proved roughly 5 trillion dollars a year in its minerals, oils, fishing as well as shipping routes.

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