ALERT: NASA Warns Faulty Eclipse Glasses Could RUIN Your Eyesight – HERE’S WHAT TO LOOK FOR

eclipse glasses

NASA is issuing a warning to anyone planning to use “eclipse glasses” to watch the solar eclipse on August 21. Many of the glasses being sold may not meet the safety requirements to protect your eyes from the sun’s solar rays.

According to NASA, a number of eclipse glasses are not certified for protection, and are being sold by “unscrupulous companies out to make a buck on the excitement surrounding the eclipse.

We all know that it is unsafe to look at the sun, even for a short amount of time. Any direct exposure of the sun’s rays to the eye is dangerous and can lead to permanent damage and loss of sight.

Eclipse glasses are a popular option for people to view the rare celestial event. With so many knockoffs and uncertified glasses available to buy, however, NASA felt it was important to issue a warning.

Many of the dangerous glasses, usually made out of paper or cardboard, are being sold online and have no manufacturer designation. However, some brick-and-mortar businesses may be selling them as well, unaware that they are unsafe.

NASA says even buying your eclipse glasses from reputable retailers like Amazon do not provide the protection  you need. Amazon cannot certify every product sold on their website as safe, as many are sold by third parties. Buying eclipse glasses from eBay is not a good idea either.

“Make sure to check your eclipse glasses and viewers to verify that they have the correct ISO designation and were manufactured by one of the four companies recognized by NASA as legitimate,” the agency noted.

NASA recommends only using eclipse glasses with a designation of ISO 12312-2 printed on them. The space agency has even gone so far as to recommend buying the glasses from one of four companies: American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17.

Check out these images from a flyer put out by NASA.

eclipse glasses

eclipse glasses

NASA suggests that you wear the proper eclipse glasses throughout the event, and only remove them once the moon completely blocks the sun.

Here is video of a news report on the issue.

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