American tries to steal commie propaganda in North Korea, gets sentenced to 15 year hard labor

Why someone would want to look at North Korea on a map…


Much less actually go there is BEYOND me. Nobody has a good reason to be in North Korea. Even North Korean citizens don’t have a good reason to be in North Korea.

But 21 year old American student Otto Warmbier was there, and he knowingly and willingly committed a crime for a girl, and now he’s paying a STEEP price.

He admitted to attempting to steal a propaganda banner from a restricted area of his hotel at the request of an acquaintance who wanted to hang it in her church.

An acquaintance? To do something SO STUPID she had better be more than an acquaintance. Then again it was for a girl and her church. Wow, who does this?!?


(For the record, I don’t actually think Otto’s situation is funny, ^ but this gif is on the mark regardless.)

Otto Warmbier, a 21-year-old University of Virginia undergraduate student, was convicted and sentenced in a one-hour trial at the North’s Supreme Court.

He was charged with subversion. No further details were immediately available.

North Korea paraded the student before the media last month in Pyongyang, where he tearfully apologized for attempting to steal the political banner.

He sobbed as he begged for forgiveness for the ‘hostile’ act, claiming the attempted theft, from a staff-only section of the hotel where he had been staying, had been at the behest of a member of a church back home who wanted it as a ‘trophy’.

Here’s where it gets weird for me.

‘I made the worst mistake of my life,’ the tearful UVA student said at the press conference, which was covered by North Korean and international media, according to CNN…

In video from the press conference, Warmbier could be seen bowing his head as he asked for forgiveness.
He said: ‘I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the United States administration to commit a crime in this country.’

‘I wish that the United States administration never manipulate people like myself in the future to commit crimes against foreign countries.’

Clearly he was told to say the U.S. government put him up to this if he didn’t want to make it 30 years…


Here’s Warmbier during sentencing.

I felt kind of numb watching it because I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes and losing what could’ve been some of the best years of his life…that I’m too smart to have this happen to me, I want nothing to do with that part of the world, law enforcement there is just too insane.

If this kid did this here in America the police wouldn’t have even been called, because the free world doesn’t jail people for stealing posters, but this is the logical conclusion that is reached when leftists like Barack Obama don’t have “obstacles” like the Constitution and Bill of Rights to deal with, and they absolutely get to have their way.

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