America’s economic freedom ranking has plummeted…you know why…


From the Washington Examiner:

The United States, ranked second in worldwide economic freedom as recently as 2000, has plummeted to 16th, according to a new report of world economies.

That’s quite a development! When do you think that happened? You get no guesses…because 1+1 is harder to answer than this…but for under a rock dwelling morons low-information liberals (but I repeat myself)…

The Fraser Institute’s annual report, Economic Freedom of the World, showed that the country’s drop started in 2010, the second year of the Obama administration.


Yes, Barry, yes you did…

Before liberals get knotted up tighter than the cords around Hillarys email server, the study does cite the war on terror as a cause in our decline. That would be what we call a bone. While liberals salivate over that, the more relevant causes listed also include a “weakened rule of law” and “confused regulatory environment.” Even the most glassy-eyed EEG-dead Obama supporter (which is the only kind left) knows those reasons rest squarely Michelle’s shoulders, because they’re broader than Barry’s. (that’s not sexist because they’re both women, and that’s not sexist because it’s true…gender is what we make of it, right)

On the bright side, all of those liberals who sneer at conservatives vowing to leave for Canada when liberals here win elections can have pride in knowing their left-wing policies have now made Canada a better place to live than here.

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