Another day, another school trampling on the first amendment rights of Christians, but this time is different…

The school in question is trying to shut down a Christian event. That’s not news, that has been going on for decades now. What’s different about this is the even isn’t even happening at the school and administrators are still trying to shut it down…like it’s their business to do so.

From WKOW:

School district officials say a group of parents that hosts regular, large-scale lunches for high school students to talk about their Christian faith is violating school policies.

Middleton Cross Plains Area School District sent a letter home to parents to alert them of the district’s ongoing concerns with the events ahead of a planned lunch on Tuesday. District officials say between 300 and 400 students met with the group Tuesday at Fireman’s Park.

It all started with a few mothers meeting with their own children at the school and slowly grew. The large gatherings, which students have started calling “Jesus Lunch” began last fall. According to the Jesus Lunch Middleton website, there are seven more lunch dates set this spring. Organizers say their mission is to “spread the Gospel to high school students through serving them and allowing them to explore God’s grace.”

Middleton High School Principal Steve Plank tells 27 News it’s become a divisive issue at the school.

“Some students feel excluded or left out,” Plank says. “We have students of different faiths, Muslim students or Hindu students or Jewish students who feel like this is happening and it’s not for them. We’ve had some students that leave school early on those days. Maybe feel intimidated by people coming back in afterward.”…

“We are not anti-religion, we are not anti-Christian, we are really pro-embracing all of our students and all of our religious faiths, or the lack of that,” Johnson tells 27 News. “We’re a public institution and we think that’s a really important part of this.”

Clearly inclusion is happening if the group started with a few people and has grown to several hundred.

So the school districts position is pure nonsense. If the campus opens up for the students at lunch time, and being preached to is not a condition of enjoying the free lunch these mothers provide then the school has absolutely no argument pertaining to the inclusion of all students. Clearly all students are free to attend and they are free to leave if they don’t want to hear something that doesn’t jive with their own faith.

Even still, if the non-Christian students have a problem listening to a message that is different from their own faith then they should have a serious discussion with their own religious leaders about why “Jesus Lunch” leaves their faith so easily shaken. What nobody should be doing is getting the principle to make disingenuous case for shutting the whole thing down.

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