Antifa Demands Confederate Statues Be Destroyed – 24 Hours Later, This Major US City Just Surrendered

In the wake of the alt-right march on Charlottesville, thousands of Muslims and their antifa allies have begun tearing down national monuments. Their aim is to censor our history, and destroy America.


While this may seem melodramatic, it’s the truth. Antifa claims that they want to tear down the statues to stop “racism,” yet their Muslim allies are the most racist religion on the planet. The Quran condemns Jews, it condemns Christians…it condemns everyone that isn’t Islamic, and even them, it still condemns their women.

The reason why Antifa and Muslims get along so well, is because they both share the same end goal: the destruction of Western Civilization. The unholy alliance between the far left and Islam has been demanding that we erase our history by tearing down confederate monuments, destroying relics of the founding fathers, and renaming “offensive” street names.

Unfortunately, a major city in the United States has just fallen to these sick demands. It’s a city well known for its pandering, especially to Antifa, and in a sudden twist of events, they decided to remove four confederate statues overnight.

Mohamed Noor Cair Baltimore Muslims confederate statues
Mohamed Noor, who shot and killed Justine Damond

Muslims fully understand that in order to bring America to its knees, they need to infiltrate every single aspect of our society. That’s why they’ve been working so hard to put radical extremists into positions of power, such as Mohamed Noor, the first Somali-Muslim police officer in Minnesota. It’s why they’ve allied with thousands of millennials, who call themselves “Antifa.”

The flip side of this, however, is that they’re simultaneously destroying our culture. The Quran repeatedly condemns non-Islamic cultures, and many verses can be found throughout it advocating for the destruction of civilizations which don’t worship “Allah.”

It should come as no surprise then, that the Council for American Islamic Relations, a front group for the terrorist organization Hamas, is now commanding that US politicians tear down our country’s confederate monuments. Antifa has backed them fully, and has begun tearing down statues, such as the one in Durham, North Carolina which we reported on yesterday.

Nihad Awad, the leader of the terrorist organization CAIR, has recently politicized the Charlottesville riots as Muslim leaders typically do.

CAIR Baltimore Confederate Statues
Nihad Awad, head of CAIR

The Daily Caller reports that he’s called upon politicians to completely erase our history:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), America’s largest Muslim civil rights group, is calling on state and local governments all over the United States to tear down all monuments and memorials commemorating Confederate leaders and the short-lived Confederate States of America.

CAIR joined several groups asking for the removal of Confederate memorials in the wake of a “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally that turned violent over the weekend. At the Charlottesville, Va. rally, James Alex Fields, a rally attendee, allegedly plowed his grey Dodge Challenger through a large group of people on a pedestrian mall. One woman, Heather Heyer, died in the incident. About 20 other people suffered injuries.

Nihad Awad, CAIR’s national executive director, urged state and local governments to erase every symbol and every vestige of Confederate history immediately.

“A fitting response to the deadly terror attack on anti-racist protesters in Charlottesville would be for officials in states and cities nationwide to immediately announce that every street, every school, every flag, and every public memorial honoring those who took up arms in defense of white supremacy and slavery will be removed or have its name changed to instead honor those who fought for civil rights,” Awad said in a statement to The Daily Caller.

“Removal of these memorials would be a small step forward in turning the page on the darkest period in our nation’s history,” Awad also said.

While millions of patriots have condemned the move as a ruthless power-grab by Muslims, one major city on the East Coast has just secretly torn down four confederate monuments in the middle of the night, much to the glee of Antifa.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the city of Baltimore removed all four of its Confederate statues down in the dark of night, so that nobody could protest. “We moved quickly and quietly,” the mayor said. “…enough speeches [have been] made. Get it done.”

CAIR Baltimore Confederate Statues
Catherine Pugh, current mayor of Baltimore

Catherine Pugh, the woman responsible for this eradication of our history, has a history of supporting anti-American causes and pandering to Antifa. A die-hard liberal, the mayor has frequently come under fire for being far too lenient on the black crime rampant through the city. This makes her a perfect Muslim ally.

Muslims understand that they need to “convert,” American leaders onto their side, and liberals are the dumbest and easiest politicians to convert. This is why it should come as no surprise that Pugh has decided to remove all of Baltimore’s confederate statues just 24 hours after CAIR and their Antifa allies demanded that they be torn down.

Now, after this Baltimore Mayor has surrendered to Muslim demands, we must shine a light on this vile and disgusting practice going on under our noses. Liberals and radical Muslims have formed an unholy alliance, and are hellbent on destroying every single piece of history that this great nation has created, which means it’s on us to stop them.

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